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We believe that trust, integrity and honest dealings are what truly drives a real estate business forward, and to our credit we have tried to replicate these values through our work and have attained amiable success in return. Thousands of clients till date have benefited from our services and have become a part of our real estate family.

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Rizwan Zafar Arain

Rizwan Zafar Arain

  • 2017
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Ours is the leading property service in the buzzing property sector of Karachi. Established with the aim of providing profitable investment decisions to our valued clients, we have strived hard to maintain a robust set of values and work ethos which distinguish us from our competitors. We operate all across the metropolitan and are equipped with all the latest tools to fulfil the varied needs and demands of our clients.

The dedicated team gathered at our helm is well known for its exemplary real estate services and will provide assistance to you from beginning stages of the deal to the very end. We at Al Rizwan Estate & Builders are well aware of the fact that investment and selling decisions require a lot of thought and beforehand knowledge of the property sector, and for this reason we offer our trusted services to educate and empower the clients enabling them to make an informed decision with regards to their property. We understand the varying demands and needs of our clients, be it commercial needs like a proper office capable of sustaining a business based in a favorable corporate location, acquiring a residential property mirroring your dream house or of course selling your own property for profit acquisition purposes. We deal in all kinds of sale, purchase and rent of all kinds of residential and commercial properties. We also provide building and construction services.