5 DHA Phases Currently Not Suitable For Making An Investment

As an investment consultant when customers approach us, they have halfway made up their mind about where to invest and they have generally done some inspection. It is really hard to convince them because they are looking for an opportunity which will let them have multi-million returns in a couple of months. A lot of investors fall into the hands of unique promoting tricks and offering policies every single day and wind up putting resources into zones where they are stuck for quite a while with no genuine benefits. For example, The Hotel Green Palms in Gwadar is one of such cases. When it was moved in 2016, it made an enormous vibe in investment circles but the resale is about nonexistent after a year.

The real estate is currently tricky and it is a superb time for midterm and long-term investors who are not imagining to make hundreds of thousands overnight to make investments in some of the top places such as DHA.

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However, before putting your resources into DHA, you should do your analysis and discussion with an accomplished real estate agent. There is no assurance that it will be gainful unless you invest carefully.

Many individuals may offer some counter disagreements however in all actuality you have to dependably put resources into a land where you can most certainly observe a value rise in at least year and a superior resale opportunity. In coming years, the circumstances may change if DHA begins quick development or if the market value of property fall in these ranges.

Phase 9-Prism:

Amongst other Phases, 9-Prism is without a doubt a standout in DHA Lahore but the ownership here is not expected before 2022, so it’s more like an investment bubble for now. The area is flawless, the town planning is magnificent however the costs are most certainly not. Regardless of the possibility that we get ownership in 5 years, it may take another 5 years before it is properly civilized and 5 years more before any commercial activities begin. This pattern is likely to continue for a long time because it has not gained in the previous years rather lost some grounds. This is probably not the best time to make an investment in 9-Prism. If we take a look at past trends, then it is quite obvious to understand that there are many grounds that have been lost and there is an expectation of this trend to continue further for a couple of years. You will not have a single possibility of a bubble forming in 9-Prism. In short, there is no purpose of investment in 9-Prism when you can have better revenues elsewhere, however, residential plots have a less inherent risk.

CCA 2 Phase 6 Commercial:

Built on the thoroughfare, it might have enormous possibilities later on as it will be on the main Link Road to 9 Prism and Bedian Road. However, for now, the development designs of Bedian Road are indistinct and you may not see the link road to 9-Prism much active till we see some people in Phase 9 Prism. Overall, the 30 road streets inside the CCA 2 is dissimilar to its forerunner CCA 1 of Phase 6 which offers 50 ft. road which is an essential defect we cannot overlook. Considering the timeframe of development work and business action in CCA 2, the analysts believe that costs are over-appraised and it is best to hold up a little before investing there.

9 Town E Block Commercial:

It is opposite to the Bedian Road and nearby CCA 2 of Phase 6. It has a similar risk potential and timeframe as of CCA 2 of stage 6. The time span of development might be lengthy and exhausting. Other than that, there may not be any massive disadvantages. Better to avoid it unless its prices go between 27 million to 32 million. In next couple of years, prices may fall by 5 to 8 million in E Block.

Phase 8  - Z Ivy Green:

You should be extremely patient if you want to invest in Ivy Green because prices are low. And any increase is not expected in the foreseeable future much aside from when its ownership is declared which may take 2 to 3 years. It is a greater amount of an expansion of DHA Lahore Phase 8 and will take a very long time to become noticeably livable. The business costs have effectively taken a tremendous fall and the project is currently not considered to be a productive interest in next 2 years in any event.

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Phase 7 Commercial:

Phase 7 Commercial is the last one on our list. The project may take 3 to 5 years before we see any development in Phase 7  as the resale is slow and the prices are bottomed out. The quantity of commercials in this phase is also a worrying and consequently, the availability will keep its prices in check. So, if you are uncertain about the future of a project, would you like to invest there 30 Million or more?


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