Tips On Making The Right Investment In Current Market

It seems that the property market in Pakistan has been declining in terms of performance since 2016 due to the number of property taxes and duties on sale purchase.

But currently, the prices have got stability and steadiness in some areas of the property. Investors are of great concern with the price-fluctuations and due to such reason, they are not getting enough return in short term. Although the property market seems to be falling, the truth is slightly different as Gwadar has gained huge gains. Moreover, prices of files in DHA Peshawar and Multan have gained 10 to 20% profit on investment and this change has been seen in a lot of other segments as well.

How can we forget to mention one of the most profitable and high achievers in the property market which happens to be DHA Lahore Phase 9, 4 Marla commercial plots? This phase had reached its peak of 350 to 360 lacs before the market situation became worse. However, due to the bad market situation at that time, this phase has lost its performance and reached as low as 240 lacs. Now, the market is performing well and after balloting, it’s expected to go up again from 350 to 425 lacs.

Same is the case with DHA Rahber 4 Marla Commercial file which went down from 240 to 160 lacs due to drop in the market and but now has gone up to 215 lacs again and showing a steady performance. The balloting of these files will be expected soon and after the balloting, the prices of these plots will definitely go up to between 250 to 300 Lac.

We have a lot of examples for rising in prices since July 2016 except all drawbacks. There are a lot of investment opportunities in Gwadar investment, DHA Peshawar, DHA Multan, and 4 Marla Commercial files in DHA Lahore.

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Strategies For Learning:

The fact is that this market is not for the ambitious investor anymore except for the fact that this is the market where genuine buyers can invest heavy investments. It has realized that there are no expectations of the rise in prices before the results of the balloting. Once the balloting results will be announced, the prices of these files and plots will surely take a positive move.

Likewise, there are positive price trends in the populated and developing areas but those areas which are underdeveloped are in a tough situation.

So, What’s Should Be The Next Move?

For evaluation and decision making about your future, you should have an idea of the factors behind price bubbles. Let us brief you on the situation.

Investors’ interest matters a lot and these price bubbles are formed due to investors interests which are usually for short run and then worn-out. The current situation of the market is an ideal situation having no symptom of miserable trends.

All the price bubbles are worn-out and the market went out in the worst situation. This mostly occurred in developed areas but things are changed now and there is high growth and better returns in developed areas.

You should be careful about the selection of market to invest. You should only invest where there is a development, construction, balloting are under process, and where there is a significant indicator of development.

We hope this article will help you in decision making about your investment.

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