30 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bahria Town!

Bahria town is the largest private real estate project in the history of Pakistan which aims to be Pakistan’s utmost builder of all times. Bahira town is offering projects to a wide-ranging mixture of segments by recommending choice locations along with the provision of outstanding amenities. Bahria town has always concerned with meeting highest international standards, lifelong customer satisfaction, and timely delivery.

Here are the most interesting facts about Bahria town.

  1. Bahria town is working together with Starwood Hotels for the opening of Sheraton Golf & Country Club and it’s the first project in the history of Pakistan that is working on that much large scale.
  2. Bahria town works as a Largest private sector in Pakistan along with the workforce of heavy earth moving equipment and service workshops.

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  1. Bahria town residents are enjoying the first Formula 1  racing track with foolproof safety.
  2. It’s one famous kind is Mall of Lahore where all international brands have been introduced and basically, it has become a shopping destination.
  3. Bahria town has introduced gold class cinema with resting seats and displaying latest movies. And such sympathy was never provided before.
  4. Bahria town has a strategy of hiring highly qualified individuals who have properly trained and educated.
  5. Bahria town has a workforce of more than 20,000 inspired and trained workers.
  6. Bahria town has more than 1500 pieces of heavy equipment’s that includes JV projects. The capacity of this equipment is 2,240,000 m3 daily.
  7. Bahria town consumes bricks in a whole year at around about 5.5 times!
  8. Bahria town consumes fuel for the consumption of development stage at more than 1,853,264 liters and it can be filled more than 82 tankers.
  9. Bahria town is the only project by the developer that as its own Leisure & Recreational department which provides maximum facilities for both non-residents and residents.
  10. It is majorly concerned with fulfilling the needs o its residents.
  11. Bahria town was launched in the year 2005 and is one of the largest single private sectors geographically.
  12. It is one of the largest private sector Development in the whole Asia.
  13. It is one of the housing society in whole Pakistan that provides Standardized international infrastructure.
  14. They are concerned with integrating various intra-company processes to achieve the ultimate benefit of the customer and getting a better return.
  15. The one which is the first real estate development and Marketing Company in Pakistan that has fully integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning and Management system. They are concerned with integrating carious intra-company processes to achieve the ultimate benefit of the customer and getting a better return.
  16. The first real estate project that has provided underground provision of utilities and supplies.
  17. It is the first Commercial Company in whole Pakistan across the industrial categories in order to have its private state of the art. Their efforts are based on window solution based Customer Relations Center that is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  18. The first Corporation in whole Pakistan that has introduced low-cost housing project with the name of “Awami Villas” arranging the steel patent pre-fabricated modular structure technology.
  19. All display case of incorporating cutting-edge sustainable concepts into sophisticated modern design and pioneering design has been focused on Bahria town.
  20. To become a progressive corporate member of the society, Bahria town has paid millions of rupees as direct or indirect taxes. This provision will provide many opportunities in form of customer-driven initiatives and project management.
  21. Bahria town is a self-sufficient project and doesn't feel any need of borrowing funds from the government in order to enhance its infrastructure and development initiatives.
  22. The project is well-known in its terms and provides many employment opportunities for 1500 local suppliers and creates a pool of another 17000 jobs and these are associated with the supply chain of the network in Islamabad and Lahore.
  23. 25.They have spent altogether 572 Million man-hours at the development site.

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