An Ultimate Guide On Renting A House in Cavalry Ground, Lahore

By keeping in mind, the varying budgets a requirement of different tenants, Cavalry ground is one of the best options in Lahore. Its demand is comparatively high.

Neighborhood guide:

Cavalry Ground has a wide area whose extension towards Walton road is linked with Gulberg in the west, DHA and Walton Road in the south Cantonment in the north and east.

In short, all the services or facilities of those areas combined are within the reach of residents and keeping their living style comfortable.

However, the traffic during peak times or rush hours is annoying sometimes for its residents. The close proximity of the roads and places is the major reason behind the choice of the neighborhood families.

Main Cavalry Ground offers bigger houses with fewer options available for 10-marla, 12-marla, and 16-marla houses. The delay extension parts have many options available in size ranges of 10 Marla, 8 Marla, 5 Marla and 3 Marla.

Many working women and students also have the option to rent only a room and can share it with their friends and colleagues.

Main Cavalry Ground has only providing streets, while its extension has a huge number of small colonies and lanes including Zaman Colony, Islam Nagar, Officers’ Colony, Shaheen Colony, Madina Colony, Makkah Colony, Shiraz Villas, and Streets 6 & 7.

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Registration of a Tenant:

Whenever leasing the property in Cavalry Ground’s main area. Strict rules and regulations are followed for the documentation of tenant’s record which is not just done with the local police station but also with the Cantonment Board.

On the other side, Tenant’s registration is most of the time done with the local police station. Cavalry Ground, the property is sold on a 99-year lease, while in the extension parts, transfer procedure and property registry is followed when buying or selling a property.

Rental Price Variations:

Tenants are mostly concerned with setting up their offices and warehouses in Cavalry Ground while looking at bigger houses. They usually compare the land to rental value ratio and paying more than the normal prices which shows that the Cavalry Ground Extension are expensive to lease. Due to high demand for portions, houses, and rooms in the extension area, the market price of property goes higher.

It should be kept in mind that these colonies are lacking the feel of a maintained community where proper rules and regulations are followed.

Houses in many parts of the extension are also used commercially as warehouses, offices, and shops, so the variation in price tags for units of the same sizes is high.

Rental Price Tags:

Most tenants are looking in Cavalry Ground’s central areas to lease of the entire house

In Cavalry Ground’s extension areas, decent demand exists for portions, complete units, and even rooms.

The price range of leasing a full house in Cavalry Ground:

10-Marla house has a price range from PKR 50,000 to PKR 60,000.

16-Marla house has a price range from PKR 90,000 to PKR 125,000.

1-Kanal house has a price range from PKR 125,000 to PKR 150,000.

2-Kanal house has a price range from PKR 175,000 to PKR 200,000.

3-Kanal house has a price range from PKR 250,000 to PKR 300,000.

4-Kanal house has a price range from PKR 400,000 to PKR 500,000.

That’s all information for renting a house in Cavalry ground.

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