New Year’s Resolutions - Make Your Apartment More Elegant In 2018

It’s a great time to make resolutions in the beginning of a new year especially when it comes to increasing your quality of life. Same applies to apartment dwellers as well.  So, let’s find out some apartment resolutions for 2018.

Give Your Closet an Ideal Look:

Nothing is as relieving as having the mental satisfaction that comes with not having to change the clothes. It’s obvious that it takes a lot of energy to skip things that are outdated. So, it is best to get rid of them. If you dislike any of your clothes or you haven’t worn them for a year, then you should donate them. You’ll love your closet more if it has all your favorite clothes that you like to wear often.

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Arrange Your Drawers:

Another thing that adds stress to our life is a drawer. Well, organize your dresser drawer one day and your kitchen drawer the other day. Your kitchen drawers only need a little bit of organization unless you have a catch-all drawer for paperwork because they require a lot of time to get managed.

 Office and bathroom drawers also need your attention. Although bathroom drawers are more difficult to manage because they have old makeup and old drugs that you no longer use.

If we talk about dresser drawers, they are just like a closet, because they hold all those items that you don’t wear anymore so it’s better to donate such jewelry and clothes that you stopped wearing a long time ago.

Clean the Oven and Fridge:

If your oven has a self-cleaning feature, then turn it on at bedtime. Your fridge might need some cleaning as well, but by doing that, you won’t feel disgusted if you go for a snack. It’ll also save you from getting embarrassed in front of your friends. 

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Organize Your Pantry:

If your pantry is so unorganized that you’re literally unaware of what you have, then it isn’t good to keep food in such pantry. Organize your pantry and keep sauces together, canned veggies together and dried goods together so it’ll be a lot easier for you to find them whenever you want any of them.

Update Your Room:

You can update one if your rooms if you want some change. An inexpensive way of updating your room is that you can rearrange your furniture, paint your room or you can also slip-cover your sofa. To make your bedroom look brand new, you can use linen slip-cover because linen often goes on sale in January so it’s also an inexpensive way to make your room look more elegant.

Pay You Rent on Time:

Another great commitment that you can make for 2018 is paying your rent on time especially if you’ve been paying it late last year. You won’t only have a better relationship with the management, but also your credit rating won’t have any negative impact on a late payment.

Assess Your Budget:

The new year is a great time to find out where you’ve been over-spending your money. If you think that you’re spending more than you should spend on your apartment, this might be a time to scale down to a smaller unit and save the difference.

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