Moving With Your Dog? Let’s Find Out Some Helpful Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm While Moving!

Our pets feel the same stress as we do when it comes to moving into a new apartment. Shifting furniture, loads of boxes, strange smells, and all the shuffling can make your pet very much uncomfortable and confused. Studies have shown that dogs help us to reduce our stress so it’s important to do the same thing with your dog while moving. We’ve got some tips for you that can keep your dog calm while moving into a new apartment.

You Must Familiarize Your Dog with What’s Coming:

Many people usually bring out travel crate before they leave for a vacation or if they want to take their dog on a trip. You should do the exact thing to your dog. You have to get them ready for the tumult that’d be coming for them before you move to a new apartment. If you do it in this way, then your dog will not get anxious even if you’re moving. But if you think that your dog needs to be taken in a crate, then you should definitely get it before starting your journey.

Your dog may get confused with the shuffling of all the boxes while you move to a new apartment, so this tip would be quite helpful for you to prevent your dog from all this chaos.

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Visit Your New Apartment with Your Dog:

If you want your dog to get familiar with the place, then it’s better to take your dog with you whenever you visit your new apartment. By doing that, your dog will get familiar with the scents, sights, and sounds, which can help your dog in adjusting in a new place. Especially in the case of strangers (new neighbors), your dog needs to get amicable with them to get adjusted there.


Set your dog up in a place which is safe and secure, where you often go and do most of your activity. Make your dog’s room cozy by bringing along few favorite toys. Bring a little bed for your dog and let your dog have a chance to settle in. Also, feeding your dog or walking your dog to a park can help as well.

Consider A Sitter for Your Dog:

If you think that things are getting hectic for you as your dog finds it hard to adjust, then you should consider sending your dog to a dog daycare. Playing with other dogs will not only distract your dog, but it will make your dog a lot calmer and sleepier and your dog will not create any kind of mess for you after that.

Keep Your Dog Engaged in Various Activites:

Don’t try to lock your dog in a room while moving into a new apartment. You can fill kongs with your dog’s favorite food as well to keep your dog busy. It’ll be very much helpful for you because your dog wouldn’t disturb you while you’re doing all the shifting stuff. If you want your dog to see what’s going on all the time without disturbing you, then you can invest in a dog gate, so your dog can see whatever you’re doing all day, without you getting in any trouble.

Get Advice from The Vet:

You should get an advice from your pet doctor on how to keep your dog calm while moving. A vet can also give you so many suggestions on how to ease your dog during the moving process. Moving can be the happiest time of your life, but don’t forget, that dogs have feelings too, especially when it comes to moving to a new place.

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