Find Out Some Good Options To Buy Commercial Plots In DHA Lahore

Well, this article focuses on how you can buy commercials in today’s market in DHA Lahore. There are three major factors that must be considered in today’s tough market.  First one is the price, the second one is rental returns and the third one is the risks that are linked to each commercial commodity.

Garments Options:

For garments business you have:

  • Near Alfatah of Y block or Pizza Hut
  • G and H block commercial roads
  • Y block commercial road

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For Personal Use:

For personal use, the location must be selected according to the nature of the business. Select the area with the maximum footfall if it is a retail outlet. Also, the type of retail outlet also matters a lot.

Food Business Options:

  • It is best to go to a sector shop if it is a startup/small business.
  • If you’re thinking about opening up a high-end food outlet, the best option for this is Z block market which also has an inner parking facility.
  • If you want to go for bakery items, then the best option is to open it up on any main road like Phase 2 main road, G block main road commercials, Phase 5 main road, Phase 4 DD or Phase 4 FF main road. Another option is the main road near Lalik Jan Chowk.

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Retail Outlets:

Although it depends on the nature of the business, a departmental store will avail in any market given a higher footfall. You can also look for Phase 6 MB, DD, FF market and Phase 6 CCA 1 market if you go for a furniture or tiles business.

Business Where You Don’t Need a High Footfall:

It is always recommended to buy a business office in Phase 8 Broadway, D block commercials or Phase 5 B. Phase 1 F block is quite inexpensive but also less privileged because you’ll only have 5 stories instead of 7.

For Investment Purpose:

For an investment perspective, suggestions are very much different. So, let’s figure out!

Phase 8 Broadway:

It’s always recommended to buy an 8-marla inside the Broadway, not on the main road because the prices are very much high there. When you buy plots inside the Broadway, the prices are almost half of what the demand is on the main road. Within 2 or 3 years, the prices on the inside will also rise.

Phase 9 Town:

The prices increased suddenly after the ballot, but later the prices went so down that now it is considered as a benchmark.  So, this is highly recommended to secure a position and hold it for a good 2-3 years to enjoy the hefty gains.  Once the development of E block starts, we’ll see a massive uplift in the prices of E block commercials.

Phase 6 CCA 2:

We never know when the prices will rise once again, so it’s highly suggested to secure your position at this time. The development has almost completed there because the price of a 4 marla plot has come down 10 million PKR. So, this is the best time to buy a plot in CCA 2 because it has lower rates at this time.

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DHA Rahbar Phase 2 Extension File:

The reason why this 4 marla has a lot to offer is that it’ll be the only phase in Rahbar which will offer commercials on the main Defence Road. Also, it’s highly recommended for short-term investment.

Rental Returns:

There are very limited rental options for a high rental yield in DHA Lahore. One must realize the potential of each investment in the form of rental returns and appreciation to the commodity.

Phase 5 CCA:

It’s highly recommended to buy a plot in the inner circle as the rental yield is higher there. It might not be much lucrative in terms of rental on the main road however, price appreciation would be higher.

Phase 6 Mb:

It’s highly recommended to secure your position in the first three lanes because the plots and their prices on the main MB of first three lanes are increasing rapidly.

Phase 3 Y and Z block:

You can go for a plot instead of a plaza in Y and Z block if you’re interested in securing a commercial commodity. In Z block, all the good option for 8 marla are already taken.


If you want to invest in something good, then it is highly recommended to choose an appealing option. For rental returns or for a personal use, in the end, it depends on you and the nature of the business.

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