Some valuable tips to get your house ready for the summer heat

Seeking our mission to make your homes more reasonable and comfortable, we have brought a few simple tips for you in order to improve the overall look as well as the energy performance of your sweet home.

 What's more, change may come in any way you need to improve your home. It is an ideal opportunity for you to show some extra care for your home, after all, it has withstood all the extreme climate changes this year providing you a nice shelter.

 According to architectural experts, March and April are the best months for you to take on your home maintenance, improve the overall condition of your and get rid of all these weather changes taking a toll on the overall look of your home. If you are really tired of all the bad effects of climate showing up, take note of the following tips to ready your home for adverse climate changes this summer:

Split paint and seepage issues

Dampness of walls, cracked paint and water seepage are common problems faced by various homeowners in Pakistan. Usually it happens due to poor quality waterproofing measures during the construction of the home. It can also occur due to a pipe leakage in either of the walls. Most of these seepage and dampness issues arise during the seasonal rains because it is the most favourable time for the moisture to affect the walls.

 It is strictly recommended that you look minutely at your walls, and check all your pipes to fix the source of the seepage first. This would save you from facing the same problem in the future, and also save you the additional repairing cost. After that you must get all your seepage problems fixed immediately.

 There are various alternatives you can look over, for example, Fauji Cement is a best choice. This concrete particularly adds to the lifespan of your home and make it sufficiently durable to withstand any kind of adverse climate change. Now, you must leave the damp walls untouched for a few days so that they get dry properly before you apply paint to it. After this, you would be able to paint your home – both interiors and exteriors.

 It is extremely important that you pick the correct shading  and colour for a more trendy touch. This will add a pleasant tone to your home and allow you to have a completely new look, which could otherwise need extensive decoration and expertise.

 Taking care of your wooden furniture

First of all, move your wooden furniture away from source of direct moisture e.g.; where it can’t come in contact with raindrops or leakages. Lengthy humidity periods or exposure to dampness can damage your wooden furniture and it can easily swell up. In return it can damage the charm of your home. Same is the case of doors; most doors opening on the outer side of the house get easily spoiled. So it would be a great idea to get your doors nicely polished before the dampness repair and paint job.

 While the cement dries, you can proceed and polish your furniture and doors etc. It is probably a great chance to make them extra shiny and spanking new once again. In most cases, adding a sheet of aluminum at the bottom of a wooden door helps to protect it from moisture, especially in case of bathrooms and kitchen doors. If you have not done so yet, do it now! No doubt these precautionary measures would make your doors stronger against all the adverse weather changes in upcoming days.

Same is the case of your wooden furniture, you can get it polished, along with your doors. If you are fed up of the older shade, it will be nice to change it this time. This will give you a new feeling altogether. Sometimes, changing the colour scheme is all you need to make your mood pleasant.

Maintaining your air conditioners

One way to welcome the hot summer season is to get your air conditioners all unwrapped and serviced.according to the experts, it is best practice to get your air conditioner serviced from the same company you’ve purchased it from. Air conditioner is not as simple a machine as it looks from the outside. It's filters and fins require not only regular maintenance but also keen attention for the unit to function properly throughout its years of service. Only the manufacturing companies know their products best and only they are properly equipped to handle it properly.

Never ignore the windows!

According to experts, windows not only provide our homes with ventilation and light but they also play critical role in case of ventilation. In short, they can also have a negative impact on our home’s overall energy efficiency.

 Windows get clumsy after long hours of direct exposure to sun and moisture. If you want to prolong their life, you must get them properly levelled and overhauled. If observed minutely there can be a lot of problems liable to be taken care of. For that purpose perform a deep inspection of your windows every season. Regular varnishing, repainting and sealing can play a vital role in preserving your windows against atmospheric changes.

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