Amazing Price Trends in DHA Lahore February 2018

 In this article we would focus on the price changes in DHA in the past month. We would try to give you a general idea of the market regarding Phase.

Phase 5

If you are an end user or can hold for at least two years Phase 5 is the best choice for you in terms of investment. Though plots have witnessed an increase in prices the prices have stopped increasing in commercials. That is why the CCA of Phase 5 is relatively stable right now. Property advisors and experts believe that it has already seen its high and will continue to drop over the next few months.

Phase 6

Phase 6 plot prices are on a continuous rise as usual. This means this is a good time to buy. Generally visionary investors and financial experts don’t advise to buy when the prices are rising , but Phase 6 is an exception, once gone up in history, prices haven’t gone down in Phase 6. So before they rise further, it is strongly recommend that you start buying today.

However, you should only buy if someone is demanding a reasonable price otherwise you can make a crucial mistake. That is why sellers have also witnessed little or no offers at the abnormal prices. Remember, only reasonably priced plots are being traded in the market.

According to experts, it is a good opportunity to buy commercial on Main MB in front of N and L Blocks of Phase 6 if the prices take a drop.

Phase 7

Prices in Phase 7 are relatively stable. There was a slight rise in January, 2018, but February, 2018 has remained stable. That is why the trading volume of residential plots has gradually increased. On the other hand, commercial trader is still not to be seen anywhere in the market. As a result there is also an obvious decline in the file price which can lead to a wise investment plan. This might also be a good time to invest for an end user.

As a whole, Phase 7 offers a good investment opportunity though it may not be a short term investment.

 Phase 8

Phase 8 has remained stable in terms of prices during February, 2018 that’s why buyers have started to buy again. As a result a significant increase in Trade volume has also been noticed.

 W,T and U have also witnessed an increase in trade volume. unfortunately V block is still not so much favorite amongst end users. Instead of not being so much favoured, few of the property advisors believe that V block buying will turn out to a very good investment opportunity in the near future. On the other hand X block is deprived of any kind of trading activity.

 With the passage of time more and more newly built houses keep showing up every month. It is a clue for investors as visionary builders have started looking at Phase 8 for house construction.

Phase 9

Because there was a negligible increase in prices along with the next installments being paid, Phase 9 might be a best choice for investors as they would have to pay less remaining development charges.

 Though there is a low price trend at the moment, but the scene might change after a few months due to drifting market trends. It can be a golden opportunity for end users.

Phase 9 Town

Prices of plots in this phase are witnessing a steady increase due to fast buying trend. It may be a good idea to invest in E Block commercials of 9 town at these prices. This can be a good chance for long term investors. Because construction of houses is pretty fast in Phase 9 town, therefore it is the best time to attain a plot right now as far as future investment is concerned. Though constructing a house for sale still may not be a such brilliant idea.

In short if you have some spare money it is best time to invest in 9 Town residential plots.

Phase 10

If you have enough stamina to hold for 4-5 years, Phase 10 might be a good option for you. Due to frequent rising and falling in prices you might be able to make good money. The prices in the past month have been more or less stable.

Phase 11

Instead of stability in prices of Phase 11 Rahbar and Halloki, the rate of transactions is increasing gradually. Easy approach is the main reason which was not in scene previously. According to financial experts this trend will continue until DHA formally announces the ballot.

Though the ballot of Phase 2 extension has witnessed a significant delay, DHA is willing to conduct a ballot as soon as possible. According to some rumours a few land issues might be the reason for it.

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    July 12, 2018 AT 12:05 PM

    Which one is the better deal for investors? DHA Lahore Phase 7 Z1 or W blocks or Phase 8 S block with 2 years hold time?

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