Hot Weather! How to Cool Down Your House This Summer?

Summer is finally here and we all know how our houses are going to heat up this season.  But you must’ve been thinking what should be done in order to control the temperature without skyrocketing your energy bills. Don’t worry! We’ve got the best solution for you to keep your house cool and at a comfortable temperature. Getting insulation installed during construction is the simplest way to do it, but, this isn’t always the case. Tearing down your walls for adding insulation can be very inconvenient and tremendously costly at the same time. The most feasible way for you would be to go for more inexpensive and expedient options for controlling the heat in your home.

Let’s find out some helpful and effective ways of reducing heat from your home without requiring extensive renovations.

Go for Thick Window Coverings

The easiest way of preventing your home from heating up is to block out the sunlight by adding thick window coverings. You can go for blackout blinds and thick curtains as they can be quite helpful for this purpose. Heavy drapes over a set of lighter gauze curtains look very trendy and will work really well by letting the light sieve through whenever it’s needed, without directly letting your home heat up by the sunlight.

 Add A Layer of Bricks with Gaps

Even though it’s an ancient method, but you can also go for insulation method as it can make modern homes more valuable. This method works by adding a layer of irregular bricks on your house’s roof, and the breaks between the bricks will help to control the air mingling over the roof. The bricks will also avert the sun from heating up your house directly.

This method will definitely control the temperature of your house in summers and will significantly cool down your energy bills as well. This one is also very much affordable and inexpensive method if you compare it with the installment of insulation in the house that you’re already living in. Also, the charges for installation and labour will depend on the area and the contractor you choose. 

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You Can Install Fiberglass Canopies

It’s time to worry when the heat beats directly down on the exteriors and this is the time when a firm step has to be taken in order to control it. For managing this, you’ll have to make sure which option is more affordable for you. To beautify your home and to prevent it from the sunlight as well, add striking fibreglass awnings over your windows as it will turn your home into a greenhouse, especially if your house has a larger windowpane. These sunshades/awnings are easily available in a variety of designs and also require a metal frame, so make sure to get them made and installed by professionals only.

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Replace Incandescent Bulbs with LEDs

Even though it looks like a minor detail, but the temperature in your house also gets affected by the lighting in your home. Do you have incandescent bulbs in your home? If you do, then it’s time to switch them out for LEDs so that you save on both insulation and electricity. LED bulbs tend to produce only a little bit of heat, so if you get them installed all over your house, this can also have a cumulative effect. Subsequently, the best way is to replace incandescent bulbs by LED bulbs.

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Plant Thick Trees

If your house has a side that directly faces the sunlight, then coverage is needed for stopping the heat from entering your house directly. Plant thick trees and bushes near that side, as it’s the best way to protect the windows and your house from heating up. Greenery beautifies your home, provides coverage and has a cooling effect as well. You can also grow a vine over the wall that faces the sunlight, as this is another way to incorporate greenery into your insulation plan.

These methods will work really well if they’re used together. They can be applied expediently and will not even require a huge amount of money or time. However, if you want to go for more extensive home insulation methods, then you can contact us in our comments section below.

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