Pros and Cons of House on a Hill

A person’s mood, to some extent, also depends on his home location. Though the choice is not totally his or her as it has to be according to one’s needs and circumstances. According to a general worldwide survey, due to many reasons most of the people love to have a home on hillside and if it is not possible, they somehow manage to pass some of their time or vacations on a hill station.

Before you think to own a hillside home, it’s better to know the pros and cons of this kind of living. Our experts at have managed to make a list of pros and cons of hillside living.

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First of all we shall discuss the pros of a hillside living:

Atmosphere favourable for health

Abundant with fresh air and plenty of oxygen, mountain areas are usually also free from noise pollution and other hazards which are normally associated with the normal city life. We all know the importance of green atmosphere in our lives so there is no need to further elaborate what kind of role a lot of greenery plays in all this. In short, a hillside home is also ideal for those who want to simply get rid of unhealthy city life.

A matchless view

Many people long for a hillside living due to the magical view it offers during various portions of the day especially morning and evening view is stunning. In the same way many people are mesmerized by the elevational view a hillside home offers. So view is one of the most important factors due to which many people prefer to select a hillside home.

Low disturbance level

Many people not only prefer privacy but also like a lodging place with zero disturbance level. A hillside home fully meet this condition and in most cases is free from all kinds of interference which may otherwise affect your privacy level. Many people abundant busy city life as their lives are totally disturbed due to the interference of their neighbors etc. many people related to specific professions e.g.; writers and poets love to live in solitude and are found to lodge on hill stations most part of the year.

The major disadvantages of a hillside home are as follows:

Extreme weather conditions and natural disasters

There are many potential disadvantages related with hillside homes. Extreme weather conditions and unexpected natural disasters are one of these disadvantages. Even a landslide can wipe out whole of a hillsides in a few seconds, proving it a fatal experience for the dwellers.

Unfortunately, hillside homes are always vulnerable to earthquake and landslide. Especially earthquake can be a lot more destructive as the impact of earthquake is felt far more severely on hills. During heavy rains there is always risk of water runoff which can flood your rooms and ruin your belongings.

Low resale value

The reason discussed above has played a major role in the low resale value of a hillside home. People usually don't prefer hillside dwellings as in case of resale it is far more difficult to hunt a purchaser. Main things people look for while buying a home are employment opportunities and an easy access to basic life amenities. Due to the fewer facilities as compared to city, a very limited number of people prefer a hillside living. That’s why hillside homes have a low resale value as their demand is very low. 

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Unlevelled Yard

One fairly practical problem with living on a hillside is that there is no leveled yard to enjoy as is a part of normal city life. Though the ground can be leveled manually to some extent but it is still no match with that of an apartment on ground surface. On the other hand it can also become expensive for you in terms of manpower and raw material. It can also destabilize the soil quality and may not be safe for many reasons. In addition there are many other activities like a pool or a game of soccer with the kids that can never be enjoyed easily on a hillside living place. 

Water drainage issues

Water drainage is the core issue faced by mountain dwellers. No matter drinking or sanitation water, it  is one of the biggest issues faced on a hillside home.

 In Short, you have to think well before you decide to choose a home on hillside.

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    June 25, 2018 AT 12:16 PM

    accessibility in case of land sliding is also a considerable issue

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