How to Get Your House Ready for Monsoon Season!

When your house is weather-exposed, it can be scary as hell. The house gets really dull during the erratic monsoon rains and becomes a huge concern for home-owners.

It’s obvious you can’t control the weather, if it’s going to rain, it will rain; no one can stop it.  Though it is not in your hands, you can still control how your house acts against the monsoon rains. Monsoon rains are the most-awaited rains. They calm the summer heat and is infused with beautiful whirlwind of feelings and emotions among all people. Everyone likes the beauty of rain but at the same time, it affects the houses real-bad.

The effect of rain isn’t only limited to the exteriors, but it affects the interiors pretty bad as well. When the rain patterns change quickly, the volume of rainwater also increases, making it imperative for you to get your house ready for the monsoon rains at once.

In this blog, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can prepare your house for such drastic monsoon rains.

Is there any leakage in the walls or roof?

  • Make sure to check the roof of your house carefully.
  • Ensure that there’s no leakage anywhere in the house. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to find out that the rooms of their house are leaking.
  • Leakage cannot only affect the house but can also affect the ceiling-hung lamps, electronic connections and lighting fixtures as well.
  • For preparing your house for monsoon season, make sure that none of the walls or ceilings in your house has any leakage.
  • Some walls become porous as well especially if they already had some leaks.
  • These porous walls store water which turns into long-term leakage.
  • If you prepare your house for this leakage before the season starts, you can save on damage-repairing costs.

Are there any gaps in the doors or windowpanes?

  • Usually, gaps occur around the door frames and windows in most of the houses.
  • If you don’t take any step for preventing the door frames from gaps, they may get enlarged every time rainwater tries to trickle through.
  • So, fill up all the gaps with cement as prolonged seepage can affect the wooden doors and rust the window panes.
  • If you fix them before the monsoon season, it can save you a lot of money that you would be spending for the maintenance later.

Is the water drainage system cleansed perfectly?

  • Make sure to check the drainage of your house.
  • All rooftops and terraces must have robust drainage pipes, all the way down to the underground open-drains.
  • Make sure that the drains are clean and don’t have any blockage, otherwise, when it would rain heavily, they would not be able to sustain the flow of rain and could even burst.
  • Plus, check your open drains and gutters. If they are not cleaned well, they will not be able to store water efficiently and will overspill sewerage water.

Are the plants protected?

  • Don’t forget to trim the large trees and make sure that not a single branch is left hanging.
  • When it heavily rains, the trees can fall as well as the branches, which can cause some serious damage.
  • You can also carve deep flower beds in your garden as they also help to keep the water away from the grass patch.

During summer season, the chances of dengue get really high, so make sure that the water doesn’t stagnate in an “exposed” place. So, strictly follow this rule. These were some tips for preparing your house for the monsoon rains. Let us know what you think about them by commenting below.


  • Malik Rasheed

    May 15, 2018 AT 01:13 PM

    thank you so much for sharing this.

    Abdullah Imran

    May 17, 2018 AT 10:49 AM

    These are some great tips! Especially helpful since the monsoons have already begun.

    Faisal Chaudhary

    May 22, 2018 AT 10:49 AM

    it's extremely helpful article.

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