Water Scarcity- Reasons, Prevention and The Role of Real Estate Developers

 Water is one of the most important elements in the establishment of life on Earth and all living organisms whether they are humans, animals, plants or even insects are dependent on water for their lives. In recent decades water scarcity has been a major issue that humanity is facing today, and the dreadful effect of this problem can be seen in different regions of Africa and Asian countries. Similarly, Pakistan is going through its worst period of water shortage in the history as all the cities in the country whether they are in the North with round about 5000 glaciers or they are in the warm deserts of the South. Each city is facing the dreadful shortage of water these days. According to the IMF report, Pakistan is at the 3rd position in the list of countries, which are facing the water crisis. Presently, Pakistan has a surface water of 153 MAF and underground water assets of just 24 MAF and Pakistan may confront water deficiency of 33 MAF amid the year, 2025.

Right now, the capital city of Pakistan Islamabad and its twin city Rawalpindi are facing the worst water shortage as the country’s most of the water needs depends upon the rainwater and glacier water which comes down in the form of river to us, but due to the continuous violation of Indus Water treaty India is constructing illegal dams on our rivers making our land barren. But that is the one side of picture, but the other side of picture is even more harsh because of the negligence of our own people causing these dreadful conditions for our country..


There are many reasons of this water scarcity that has caught Pakistan into a bad state regarding water. These reasons are both influenced by external, internal affairs and negligence of our own people.

  1. Low Rainfall
  2. Construction of dams by India on our rivers
  3. Floods
  4. No sources for water storages (dams)
  5. Irregular water allowance
  6. Water wastage and theft

These reasons which are causing water-shortage in the country and the most important of all these reasons is that there is no big dam has been constructed in Pakistan apart from Tarbela and Mangla. So, every year a huge amount of water gets wasted as it goes down into Arabian Sea just because we don’t have any big dam to store such amount of water.

Role of the Real Estate Developers

The Real Estate industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan which are providing best possible facilities to the nation. So, to save Pakistan from the upcoming expected drought everyone should help on their behalf. The Real Estate industry can play a big role in the prevention of water-shortage in the country and can help to minimize water scarcity. There are many suggestions have been around for a while now that the societies and other facilities should be allowed to collect and distribute water according to their needs.

Small Dams

The construction of small dams by each housing society can help in saving water for our upcoming generations. Every housing society and facilities such as big hospitals can have small dams in which water will be stored according to the needs of the residents in the society.

Water – Filtration Plants

The setup of water – treatment plants in every housing society can be very helpful in saving water, as most of our water wastage happens due to our own people’s negligence such as we waste 100 litres of water daily on our car wash by using pipes instead of that by using 1 or 2 bucket we can wash our car. There are many examples of our common day habits which are causing water wastage. For example, if we take bath using a shower the amount of water being wasted is about 100-200 litres whereas if we use bucket for bath we can save water. The water wasted by such negligence goes to small canals so by setting a water filtration plants in every society can made us able to use that wasted water properly.

Punishment of Water-wasters

There should be a proper system of punishment for the water wasters such as by making water expensive for those who waste water habitually. This penalization of water waster must be make practical as it can be very helpful in stopping water wastage.

In the end, everyone should play our part in saving water and can minimize the water-wastage. If anyone has any queries do let us know by leaving your comments below if you find this article helpful. You can also join our Forum rightdeed.com for more detailed conversations.


  • syed ahmad

    July 10, 2018 AT 12:09 PM

    After Tarbela dam, Mangla dam is also at high risk of drying up. I fear that this water crisis might result in a civil war in Pakistan.

    Abdullah Imran

    July 11, 2018 AT 08:44 AM

    I don't know why but I think its nothing but a myth, nothing will happen.

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