Is There Any Stress on Real Estate Sector by Zulfi Bukhari?

Before answering the above question we must know the background of Zulfi Bukhari and the reason which is behind that very question.

Sayed ‘Zulfi’ Bukhari is a British Pakistani philanthropist, and a strong political figure since his involvement and friendship news with the Prime Minister Imran Khan were in the rumors even before he came to Power. He is also a founding partner of HPM Developments, a London-based luxury property development firm known for investment in real estate. He also writes on social and political issues for UK news media.

After Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan he appointed Zulfi Bukhari Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development.

 In a recent ceremony in Islamabad on Sunday, Zulfi Bukhari said that it was very much necessary for our country’s progress that we promote and bring our people towards massive investment in real estate. He further explained his point of view that the reason he is so much emphasizing on it is that the development of most of the foreign countries was due to the untiring and flourishing zeal for investment in the real estate sector.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and Investment in Real Estate

When asked in the same perspective about the recently launched Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, Zulfi exclaimed very confidently: “nothing is difficult for PM Imran,” he further added that the construction of Shaukat Khannum Hospital was a great challenge but Khan did it and proved that he can do anything. Now Khan has launched the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme with the same zeal and willingness, so we are dead sure that Insha Allah he will fulfill his commitments once more.

Reason for Stress by Zulfi Bukhari

Hence, it gets clear that due to the fact that investment in real estate sector is inevitable for the economic growth and financial progress any country. It is the reason Zulfi Bukhari has stressed so much upon it and the question is being in the news that what sort of stress the real estate sector is facing in Pakistan. Law Minister for Punjab Raja Basharat was also present at the occasion.  He further explained that it was very much common for any new governments that it will face some real time challenges right after its takeover. These challenges can be easily overcome if people take interest in the investment in real estate.

Special ‘Qatar Visa Centre’

Zulfi Bukhari also exclaimed in the meeting with APP correspondents that Qatar Embassy is going to launch a Special Center in Islamabad for the facilitation of Pakistani workforce. The aim of this special center will be to increase job opportunities for Pakistani citizens and also to avoid exploitation of overseas Pakistanis abroad. It will also help to further strengthen its ties with Pakistan. To the utmost happiness f our Government, Qatar had selected Pakistan from eight countries for setting up this recent special ‘Qatar Visa Centre’ to facilitate the future and present Pakistani manpower in Qatar.


“Such a facility will ease the visa getting process for Pakistanis, ensure their safety and legal rights in Qatar, giving a substantial boost to the receipt of remittances through legal means,” Zulfi said.

Zulfi said increased job opportunities in Qatar would pave the way to make the national economy stronger and more vibrant.


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