DHA Gujranwala Development and Latest Balloting Status

Though DHA Gujranwala had not been inaugurated officially yet, still the property prices in DHA Gujranwala had continuously shown an up-rise graph even since the year 2016. up till now there has been a lot of progress and the second DHA Gujranwala balloting result is in the news and highlights around the web.

According to Rightdeed.com authentic resources, the usual rates for various plots in the DHA Gujranwala have been recorded to have a tremendous increase of 38.96% to 42.23%, which no doubt indicates highly elevated interest of buyers and sellers.

Before we further highlight further aspects of DHA Gujranwala, let us have a close look at the DHA Gujranwala balloting result 2018.

DHA Gujranwala Files Prices

DHA Gujranwala 5 Marla Installment Files

3.75 Lacs Own


DHA Gujranwala Land Affidavit (10-Marla)

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DHA Gujranwala Land Allocation (10-Marla)

30.00 Lacs


DHA Gujranwala Land Affidavit (1-Kanal)

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DHA Gujranwala Land Allocation (1-Kanal)

44.00 Lacs


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DHA Gujranwala Balloting Result 2018

First of all, the happy and lucky (4000 Total) winners of that draw deserve a hearty congratulation from Rightdeed DHA Gujranwala balloting result 2018 is easily accessible online for your convenience to consult anytime. The general public winners were 3200, as well as the winners from overseas category were 400. In the same manner the ex-army service men & retired Defense personals as well as government employees along with the semi government employees constituted 280 of the total lucky winners. Necessarily to be mentioned, there had also been included a special portion for the senior Citizens (more than 65 years of age), these senior citizens were 120 in number who won the DHA Gujranwala balloting result 2018.


Rightdeed.com will strongly recommend to all the lucky winners that they must hold on to their Winning Plots and Pay all the dues and down payments as soon as possible to avoid any sort of inconvenience. Remember that the successful candidates would have to submit an number of PRs 3 Lacs within a limited time span of ten days. This payment will be followed by 7 X Quarterly Installments comprising of PRs 2, 42,860/ each.


DHA Gujranwala Upcoming Development Progress and Project Details

The DHA Gujranwala is no doubt a nationally recognized organization which has fully committed to provide all its clients and dwellers an opportunity to enjoy the most modern way of living in the heart of Gujranwala.

The management of DHA Gujranwala has very well explained the DHA Gujranwala future plan even before it was properly launched. The DHA Gujranwala has three main entrances, 400 Feet, 210 Feet and above 500 feet wide respectively, it must be noted that the Main GT road entrance and Main Boulevard is around 700 Feet wide and most spacious one among the entire biggest roads in all DHA’s up till now.

  •        Wastewater treatment system
  •        Drinking Water Purifying Plant
  •        Modern Sewerage and Sanitation System
  •        Wide and spacious Roads
  •        Highly Facilitated Top Class Hospital
  •        Top-class Educational System
  •        Latest Cinema for Entertainment
  •        Modern Electric Cabling System which will be totally underground
  •        Solid waste management Units
  •        24 Hours security and surveillance system
  •        Beautiful lush Green parks and Horticultural Society

The most notable point is that DHA GUJRANWALA has highly emphasized on its Educational Projects and systems which comprise of the following main units:

  •        Four World Class Universities
  •        Twelve World Class Colleges
  •        Modern Schools and Academic Facilities for the Young Ones


 Agreement between DHA Gujranwala and NESPAK

The most valid and notable point about the DHA Gujranwala is the agreement which was recently signed between DHA Gujranwala and NESPAK. Basically, it is a Town Planning Agreement which was ceremonially signed on 27 Sep 2018. Both these organizational institutes are striving to incorporate best professional practices in terms of Town Planning and Development of DHA Gujranwala.


At that moment of extreme joy and pleasure Brig Tahir Ali Malik who is the dedicated Project Director of DHA Gujranwala, expressed his warmest feelings with joy. He stated that it gives him an immense feeling and sense of pleasure to announce that DHA Gujranwala has joined hands with NESPAK who is one of the best and most experienced urban planning Organization of Pakistan.

He moreover stated that they are looking forward to work together in order to provide state of the art facilities to all the valued members of DHA Gujranwala.

Dear readers, as you have read this analysis of the DHA Gujranwala and also the DHA Gujranwala balloting result 2018, we are as usual anxiously waiting for your precious piece of mind in our comments section below.

Moreover, DHA Gujranwala has been built keeping in mind the locality of the highest standards Living Community providing the following amenities which include


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