2018 DHA Real Estate Projects Update & Analysis

If we talk about the overall progress of real estate in the year 2018, it did show an overall growth since February 2018 due to several reasons. Though there was a gradual increase in some areas property prices and after some time things got improved.  As a whole the trends from last year played a solid impact on the growth of the real estate sector and there is a lot of data on the internet from which all the details can be figured out.

After the election 2018 there has been a noticeable growth in the real estate sector in all the big cities. Especially Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and Gujranwala have witnessed a remarkable growth rate in the current year. At that moment there are countless new and prosperous real estate projects which are at some or other developmental stage in all the above mentioned four cities. We would also try to present a roundup of the Pakistan real estate sector with respect to these major cities.

Moreover, we would be pleased to include the following societies in the 2018 DHA Real Estate update & analysis:

  •         DHA Gujranwala
  •         DHA Bahawalpur
  •         DHA Multan
  •         DHA Peshawar
  •         DHA Multan

DHA Gujranwala

During the year 2018 the prices in DHA Gujranwala have not shown any major ups or downs. Especially for some months all that is becoming stagnant and no reasonable upraise has been noticed. Even according to some real estate analysts it is expected that this freezing period may continue till the end of this year. In the present situation potential investors prefer buying DHA Multan rather than the DHA Gujranwala which is due to the basic rule of real estate that if your finances allow you to purchase only one file, then you must prefer the most fruit full one. However few people know that DHA Gujranwala is as far more promising opportunity at the end of 2018 than DHA Multan.

DHA Bahawalpur

It is a bitter fact that DHA Bahawalpur is the society which is not so much apple of the eye according to many investors, the main reason being that its files crashed in the near past. But it is also a fact that this crash was converted into a good profit opportunity for some file owners for instance, it dropped down to 26 Lacs only to bounce back up to 29 Lacs. Even now the file rate is trading round about 28 Lacs at some places which is very much encouraging as it may increase in the near future.

DHA Multan

DHA Multan has no doubt established itself as the piece of land worth its price during the past few months. As far as the going down of prices is concerned, it seems that the prices will no more go down any further. And it is an ultimate sign that Balloting rumors would be on the go now. On the other hand it is also a positive sign that DHA Multan officials have launched DHA Villas. These would be beautiful and unique villas of 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms comprising of different sizes spread at 6, 9 and 12 Marlas.

DHA Peshawar

DHA Peshawar is a test case in many respects. One of the main reasons for tat test case is that success of DHA like urban societies in smaller cities has yet to show some significance when it comes to prices. However, analysts are quiet sure that it will eventually offer good returns to all its investors till the end of 2018.

The roundup presented by us is not a final word, it may be liable to changes as far as our predictions are concerned, so if you make up your mind for some serious investment, you must consult your agent or expert. However, all sorts of positive comments and feedback is always welcome.


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