Survey of illegal plazas in Pakistan

Plazas in Red Zone

The Anti-encroachment operation in Pakistan had fastened from few months. Which had driven in different areas of Pakistan to demolish the illegal construction? The authorities are now concentrating on illegal commercialization of markets. In this regard, you are well known about the recent demolishes of markets in Karachi and Murree.

The Plazas of Pakistan are the next step of Anti-encroachment drive. Illegal buildings and plazas are in the red zone now. Recently, the Anti-Corruption Establishment of the city started a survey of such buildings to demolish them.

The basement floor of the building is always reserved for the parking of vehicles, during the map approbation. But there are a number of Plazas and buildings where the owner has constructed the shops and space in front of the Plazas got congested by vehicles which is a problem for customers as well as the people having shops in Plazas. The recent operation on plazas I Rawalpindi and Gujranwala are observed:


The Anti-corruption Establishment of Rawalpindi detects the illegal construction in many buildings. Instantly, these illegal parts of the buildings will be demolished. A survey is started to highlight such buildings, once the survey is over the department will be able to report the illegal buildings and plazas to the Punjab Government.

It had also observed that in the garrison city some people have illegally occupied the plazas. It is instructed to the agency by the government of Punjab to prepare a report regarding the illegal occupants and to submit the report in this context.

The encroachment mafia is also in action and the Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi (MCR) has failed to remove encroachments from markets. The encroachment mafia as per routine has re-occupied the roads, bazaars, and footpaths and creating hurdles for pedestrians and motorists. Last month, a drive of the district administration has also been launched to retrieve the land of the Auqaf Department and Evacuee Trust Property Board but due to political pressure, it was also stopped after two days.


On Tuesday 11 December 2018, the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), sealed four commercial plazas and recovered Rs1m from non-taxpayers and defaulters of commercial building map fee in Narowal. The warning also had been given of five days to remaining owners of illegal plazas to pay their fee otherwise their buildings would be sealed.

Although, a survey of plazas had also conducted and it is observed that the markets, marriage halls, schools and colleges, hotels and restaurants that had been constructed after their maps were approved and government fee paid. It has assigned the personnel a task to detect such buildings that are not according to the map. They will take legal action against them.

Moreover, the plaza on Narowal bypass was constructed illegally. The ACE sealed these establishments and also recovered Rs1m from building owners who had defaulted on map fee. The owner of the Plaza had advanced to pay his the dues otherwise the case will be registered against him

Initial steps have to take to legalize these buildings:

The agency is in action now, the owners have to take initial steps if he wants to legalize their buildings now. They should restructure the building and remove the illegal extension in their plazas if they want to avoid demolishing of their plazas.

This step is very helpful to prevent the owners from the illegal build ups. Moreover, the civic bodies like RDA or RMC will have authority to charge fees for the approval of a building map. Moreover, they will have authority to find such owners who have illegal build ups.


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