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Vehari chowk is the most important part of the city of saint Multan. It is providing a strong educational system to the inhabitant and also playing important role in agriculture and economy of the city. The Development Authority of the Multan is now considering this state for real estate housing and commercial projects.

 A new project of MDA “Fatima Jinnah Town” was under construction, to provide excellence to the inhabitants. This project is expected to be the most lucrative and attractive project of the state due to its prime location and availability of all nearby facility features and the constructional work is about to complete. In this article, we are providing you the information about your most awaiting housing project of Multan which is entertaining the buyers in reasonable prices.


Location of Fatima Jinnah Town Phase-1 (FJT-1), FJT-2 is ideally located at the southern side of Vehari Road and along east and south of Southern Bypass Road up to its crossing with Dunyapur Road and Multan branch canal. Phase II is also adjacent to phase I.

The progress of Phase I:

Phase-I had covered a total area of 667 acres and the total plots are 5347 Approx. Cost of this project is Rs. 2899 m, Financial progress is 92% and Physical progress is 97%. It is well equipped along with all basic features including wide carpeted roads, water supply, sewerage, Sui gas, and electrification. The physical progress of the phase is about to complete, which is as follows:

  • Sewerage is 99 % completed
  • Roads are 98 % completed
  • Water supply 95 % completed
  • Electrification 99 % completed
  • Sui gas 99 % completed
  • Overhead reservoirs 90 % completed
  • Boundary WALL 94 % completed
  • Entry Gates (3 No's) 90 % completed
  • Horticulture Work Started Recently 

Progress in Phase II:

 Phase-II of the Fatima Jinnah Town is approximately spreader over 360 acres of land, the area is 360 acres, up to date expenditures are Rs 999 m and total plots are 2332. Main roads of the phase are 150 and 100 feet wide and the distributary roads are also 40 to 60 feet wide. Plots for public/community buildings and open spaces in each block, Electricity, Sui gas and Streetlights, Mosque & School, Roads, water supply, sewerage, Sui gas, and electrification etc. Financial progress is 86% and Physical progress is 87%, the progress of Phase-I is almost complete but it will take some in Phase-II. Physical status of the phase is as follows:

  • Roads are 85 % completed
  • Sewerage is 85 % completed
  • Water supply is 82 % completed
  • Electrification is 89 % completed
  • Sui gas is 82 % completed
  • Overhead reservoirs are 95 % completed
  • Boundary wall is 84 % completed
  • Entry Gates (2 No's) 90 % completed

This block is pleased to the Chief Minister of Punjab allot separately to the journalist in FJT-2. Punjab Information Department will be responsible or take care of its allotment and allied drudgery in this block all the plots are of equal sized cutting of 10 Marla and Government of Punjab will pay the development cost of this scheme.

Price Details:

If you are interested to buy the house in Fatima Jinnah Town, do hurry to contact your real estate agent. Prices of the scheme are reasonable, installment plan will also be offer by the authority. We will also inform you about the further details of this housing scheme along with price details.

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