DHA Lahore Signal Free Corridor

Defense Mor to Lalak Jan Chowk

Lahore is the metropolitan and exceedingly populated area of the Pakistan where the government has spent billions of rupees to develop road infrastructural and especially focused on signal-free corridors through overhead bridges in the metropolis in recent years yet many people put their lives at risk by defying traffic laws. While driving they considered providing carefree driving atmosphere because many fatal accidents reported on signal-free corridors during the last few years. City traffic police department is also participating consciously by struggling hard to stop violations of road safety laws by launching awareness campaigns.

In February 2017 the most flowed road of Lahore from Qartaba Chowk to Liberty Chowk Main Boulevard Gulberg “The Jail Road signal-free corridor” was inaugurated this corridor project is 7.5km long with at least 12 U-turns with an estimated cost of Rs2.395 billion. There are limited U-Turns on the signal free corridors built along the Jail Road and Canal Road and only a few cuts for left and right turns.

DHA Lahore Corridor Signal-Free

After the inauguration of this project, the government has concentrated to maintain the signal-free road infrastructural of another main road of Lahore.  For smooth and straightforward access, the administration came up with the thought of DHA Lahore Signal Free corridor from Walton Road to phase 5 last years.

From Walton Road to Lailak Jan Chowk DHA Lahore signal-free corridor is started in 2017 which had completed at the end of 2018, the entire selected route is monitored through one hundred fifty CCTV cameras and 350 cameras installed under Punjab Safe City Authority also will be integrated to the present observation system.

The infrastructure of DHA Signal Free Corridor will start from Walton Road and end near Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). This project includes 2 flyovers and 3 underpasses whereas an impression space has been established for traffic management.

  •  Walton Road-Flyover from Defence Mor to Main Boulevard
  • Lalik Chowk-Reworking & Upgrading
  • PSO Chowk-Underpass and Flyover to DHA phase 3 towards Y Block
  • Masjid Chowk-Underpass
  • Ghazi Road-Underpass

The Striking Advantages of DHA Lahore Signal-Free Corridor

Before considering any other residential project, buyers or investors of Lahore must consider DHA, the developers of this project have expedited its residents and visitors with easy access to deal with traffic mess. The 25 minutes travel from Walton Road to DHA Phase 5 is lined in 3 to 5 minutes now. This development will prove to be excellent to facilitate the daily commuters.

Moreover, easily accessible roads are the main attraction of any investor, it will also attract the commercial and residential investors towards DHA and Walton.

These signal-free projects are introduced to provide additional facilities to the pedestrians, like road crossing passes and U-turns at short intervals of one kilometer or less distance. It is also expected in few other areas of Lahore, on the Circular Road, Main Boulevard Iqbal Town, and Bund Road to overcome traffic problems there may also be signal-free corridors in the future.


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