Top Property Buying Areas in Karachi

Top six buying areas in Karachi

Many of us, involving ourselves, with buying real estate, selling and, marketing homes. We wish to have the best place to live in where we find security and a happy life.

Sometimes, we become fascinated with the societies and follow blindly the advice of others. Here we ignore some factors. As an example, belief in our home security. We have written this article for the benefit of people who want a happy life. Following are the best buying areas in Karachi. If we specifically talk about searches focusing on houses for sale in Karachi, the following were the city’s top residential areas of the year 2019.

Karachi has its status the "City of Lights". The thriving cultural scene. A modern city life that never fails to fascinate expats and foreigners. According to stats, property in Karachi presents a promising future.

1. Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town comes on top both in buying and rental search. The great town is on University Road, only minutes away from the Shahrah-e-Faisal. The town enjoys easy access to the city’s main airport, Jinnah International Terminal. Other commercial zones lying along the two main roads. Many houses and apartments with reasonable rates are vital considerations for potential residents. The nearest places of Karachi’s favorite recreational places are

  • Safari Park
  • Aladin Amusement Park

 2. DHA, Karachi

After Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town it comes to the second position in buying and rent trends. It shows its popularity among the people of Karachi. The locality guarantees the highest degree of security and safety for dwellers. As well as full-fledged commercial zones and purpose-built recreational areas. As a commercial hub, Zamzama is central to society. The Sea-viewing phase adds exquisite value. Along with Clifton, DHA, Karachi is the place for a posh lifestyle in the metropolis. You will have SHOPPING MALLS over there. Food and beverage outlets of local and international brands perfectly compliment this area.

You surely will prefer its pleasant ambiance and easy accessibility

through Do Talwar and Teen Talwar roundabouts along the main Shahrah-e-Iran.

3. Gulistan-e-Jauhar

Gulistan-e-Jauhar is one of the most favorite residential areas in the center of Karachi. Ranking third in both buying and rental trends. The town is a desirable residential area for classes. While the area’s near to,

  • University Road,
  • Shahra-e-Faisal,
  • Jinnah Airport,
  • Sadar Town junctions,
  • Leisure parks,
  • The PAF Museum,
  • Expo Centre and
  • National Stadium makes it viable commercial as well. 

4. North Nazimabad

Another sought-after area of Karachi. It comes in the second position for rental and fourth in buying property. Spacious avenues, tree-lined roads, and many commercial areas make the town a perfect place for taking up residence. you will find here

  • Eateries
  • Hospitals and
  • Branches of many local and international banks.
  • Dolmen Mall and
  • Haidri Bazaar adds to the town’s commercial vibe.
  • Here also comes the:
  • Top schools,
  • Health facilities,
  • Marriage Halls

Which are easy to access for the town ’s population.

5. KDA Scheme 1/ Muhammad Ali Society (MACHS)

Located close to the City Center, MACHS is another best place to live in the city of Karachi. The presence of entertainment facilities like:

  • The Arena
  • Aga Khan University and hospital,
  • Expo Center,
  • National Stadium,
  • Large Parks & Lakes
  • These all places make this area perfect to live in.
  • Its closeness and presence to the Airport and Sharah-e-Faisal are another plus points.

6. Federal B Area

Offering a secure living environment, the town’s full-of-life spirit is an emblem of Karachi. Hence it comes in the sixth position in our category of the best places in Karachi. You will find here many local bazaars and lower rental rates. The town offers a cost-effective housing option to the population of Karachi. Thus, justifying its status in the real estate of Karachi.


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