Omega Mall Airport Karachi

 An Overview

Omega Mall is a cosmopolitan shopping arena with exclusive heaven. You will experience the pleasures of shopping here. And here comes your chance to be part of it.

It spread across 24,000 square meters, featuring one of Pakistan's largest atriums ever designed with 550 shops. It will polish your shopping and entertainment styles.

Unique Features Of Omega Mall Airport

  • Adjacent to the airport runway stands at the Jinnah Avenue
  • A mixture of local and international brands
  • Mega departmental store spanning 10,000 sq. ft
  • Approved by Sindh Building and control authority, and Civil aviation authority
  • State of the art architecture
  • Centrally air-conditioned with full power backup system
  • The 1200+ car parking area
  • Average coming of people expected 100,000

The best part of Omega Mall is its unique features which says that the owner never has to worry about tenants for 3 months. The developer will arrange a reputable brand with the owner’s permission.

Omega Mall Airport Karachi

Attractive Address

Omega Mall is located on the busy Jinnah Avenue and is simply an iconic structure that draws you to its class and elegance. It is strategically located in the residential area and is likely to be a popular destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment for the trendy young people. Just minutes from the airport, Omega Mall has the best position in the city, surrounded by Malir Cantonment. It has the privilege of being the only mall near Jinnah Avenue, and it has a great opportunity for you to invest!

Car Parking Area

When you go for shopping, car parking remains the headache. But here you wouldn’t feel any annoying situation. you will be in complete peace of mind at Omega Mall, as we have created an enormous shopping space. The Omega Mall parking area covers 3 huge floors and is sufficiently large to accommodate over 1000 vehicles. The parking area is also monitored closely with active security guards and CCTV cameras to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience.

Emergency Power Backups

At the Omega Mall, we have installed the most advanced generators to ensure that you may never have even the slightest break for shopping and entertainment at the Omega Mall. The standby generator system meets all standards of health and safety and simply adds to the glory of your shopping experience.

The Largest Play Area

The days have gone when there were very few entertainment spots left by the Karachites. Omega Mall is just around the corner with Karachi's largest bowling alley. Bowling alley at the Mall Omega is the best place to spend a good time with your friends and family with all the class and perfection it has been built with. Modern lighting, comfortable seating and a splendid atmosphere make this stay worth it.

A Mouthpiece of Architecture

Omega Mall is supported by a team which has done everything possible to create this spectacular project for you. This is an experience which was built with millions of square feet of high-quality buildings, with highly trained, motivated and talented visionary leadership.

Omega Mall Airport Karachi

Enormous shopping mall

Omega Mall is packed with a huge supermarket that gives you everything you need under one roof. Not only are you going to have a pleasant feeling, but also the ease and comfort to get your home grocers. Equipped with all international food items, the Supermarket will simply be the best place to shop your home stuff, while meeting food safety and health standards.

Cafe and Banquet

Omega Mall has a rare combination of multi-ethnic restaurants and open-air cafes with the elite dining lounge. They are all located in a peaceful environment and offer a family restaurant experience in the ultra - chic environment. The Open-Air Cafe offers a breathtaking view of the city and airport while enjoying your favorite food in Karachi's cold breeze. On the other hand, your family and official meetings can take place in the exclusive dining lounge.

Omega Mall Airport Karachi

The Footnotes

Omega Mall is a mere image of an elegant structure on Jinnah Avenue that pulls you into its style and elegance. Set in a strategic position within the residential area, it is a popular destination for shopping, dining and entertainment, just minutes away from the airport, in the surrounding safe area of Malir Cantonment. It is undoubtedly the city's best location.  It has the privilege of being the only mall near Jinnah Avenue, so it offers the best opportunity for investment to you.

Omega Mall Airport Karachi


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