What Makes the Living Difference Between Lahore And Karachi?

A Tale of Two Cities Lahore and Karachi

Lahore vs. Karachi has always been a debate over all the social media plate forms. They both are right on their own. We can’t say who is right and wrong. But the real difference that shows the difference is the living standards and atmosphere. Here we will look upon the real estate developments of two major cities of Pakistan.

Let’s Take A Look At How The Tale Of Cities Depicts The Lives Of The Residents.

Why only Karachi?

Karachi is home of 23 million people with a population exceeding 23 million in a territory of 3,527 km2. Karachi is the largest and most populous city of Pakistan. It has a diverse population but the majority of its inhabitants are native Pakistanis. This diverse population has led to the city being dubbed the melting pot of Pakistan. From the very beginning, Karachi is known as "The Bride of the Cities" and the "City of Lights", due to its lively nightlife and thriving cultural scene. The sun is always a blessing upon this city. There is no difference between dawn and dusk.


Lahore, You Will Always Be ‘Home’ Of “Lively Hearts”

As compare to Karachi Lahore is the city of Garden and Heritage. It’s a city of lively hearts (Zinda Dilan- e- Lahore).

The heavy Halwa-Puri’ breakfasts in the Walled city. The city of minarets, art, culture, enjoyment and, peace everything is here in Lahore.

You are Walking on the Mall Road, in the full dark night under the shadowy trees. The scene is very much like a novel or movie. But it's real. Real in its every sense. It's Lahore.


How Cities Differ, Their Real Estate Determines

The first Urban Demographics report showed that there were common patterns that diversify the change between the cities. These patterns are usually of their living standards. While Lahoris prefer to live on ground houses, Karachiites love to live in flats. That’s also because Karachi has a huge population as compare to its demography.

There has been a considerable shift in living standards of both the cities.

Population rise has exceeded the demand for property in these two major cities of Pakistan. There are many new projects that are also being developed at a rapid pace to cope with the demand. However, the differences in real estate options bring a dynamic change to the way people live their lives in these cities.

The Real Estate Trends for Karachi And Lahore

While houses are preferred in Lahore and flats in Karachi, the lack of land availability forced Lahore to move towards apartment projects in major parts of the city. These apartments and properties are available in areas of Lahore

such as

  • Raiwind Road
  • Gulberg Lahore
  • DHA Lahore
  • Model Town Lahore
  • Wapda Town Lahore
  • Johar Town Lahore
  • Ferozepur Road
  • Bahria Town Lahore

Similarly, as Karachi expands towards its outskirts, housing projects and communities are also a new move for the people looking to buy a house in Karachi areas like

  • Bahria Town Karachi
  • Scheme 33 Lawyer’s Colony
  • Gulshan Town
  • Gulistan-e-Johar
  • North Nazimabad
  • DHA Karachi

As all of the new real estate projects focus on offering a luxurious lifestyle and in range of everyone, the government’s announcements of amenities schemes, also impacting the lives of the citizens in both Lahore and Karachi.

Where Ever You Live, It’s All About Pakistan

The debate will go on whether “city of the garden” (Lahore) is better than “city of lights” (Karachi)???

Every inch of Pakistan has its own charm and beauty. However, the difference only occurs in living styles and real estates. The atmosphere in Lahore let the inhabitants live on ground houses while Karachiites population forced its people to live in flats.


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