Blue Hills Country Farms Islamabad

Blue Hills Country Farmhouse is the project of Blue Group of Companies (BGC)

This company involved in the development work of PIA officer’s cooperative housing scheme.

This is the new housing project of its type in Islamabad. The project provides state-of-the-art farmhouses. There are farms available on two canals, four canals, eight canals, and sixteen canals. These farms ' prices are very reasonable since the project is located in its original property.

Why Farmhouses?

Islamabad is at the thresh hold of a busy life. There is considerable resource pressure on the huge increase in the population of the country and the relocation to urban areas. The government of Punjab is particularly committed to construct urban infrastructure. Crossed with the roads networks and traffic problem gives rise to the crisis. A dream will remain in the short of the green city. Suffocation and dangerous gas emitting vehicles are a gift to the Islamabad.

Now, what's the answer?

The only way to go out to the suburbs is to live a healthy life, particularly in the open and farmhouse areas. With millions of inhabitants of Islamabad, the era of property is booming. It would be hard to fulfil your dream to live in green. Now it’s a chance to book your farmhouse in Blue Hills Farmhouses.

Location of Blue Hills Country

The beautiful fertile land along Chakri Road near Bahria Town Phase 7, a few minutes away from Main G.T Road Islamabad, far from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

 Main Features

  • Electricity
  • Clean water
  • Sui Gas
  • Cattle farming facility
  • Horse stable facility
  • Golf course
  • Polo ground
  • Riding club
  • Market
  • Street lights
  • Wide roads
  • Wide streets

Some other main facilities of Blue Hills Farmhouses

  • International Standard Golf Course to be developed for the farmhouse community,
  • Polo Ground and Riding Club to learn to play.
  • Horse Stable and Cattle Farming Central Management Facility will be developed.
  • Amateur farmers ' round-the-clock assistance.
  • Continuous provision of community services
  • Provision of all facilities for other Blue World City residents.

Payment Plan 

It has only 500 Farm Houses.

Here is the best chance for you to book your own Luxury farmhouse by paying down payment at the time and then pay the rest of the amount on an easy instalment plan. The price of the Blue Hills 4 years payment plan.

  • 2-Kanal     34 lac
  • 4-Kanal    62 lac
  • 8-Kanal    1.12 crore


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