PM Inaugurates 5 Million-Houses Under Naya Pakistan Housing Project In Quetta

  • To introduce regulations to bring mortgage culture to Pakistan.
  • The 5 million-house plan meets people's dream


Quetta: Premier Imran Khan laid the foundation of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in Quetta on Sunday and expressed the commitment of his Government to uplift Balochistan and lineup it with developed parts of the country.


He said, unfortunately, in the existing banking system, the loan facilities were limited to the elite class. However, the government is making legislation to extend it to the low-income group. Currently, only 0.2 per cent people in Pakistan availed housing finance against 80-90 per cent in Europe, 30 per cent in Malaysia and 10 per cent in India.


He said that the 5 million-house plan meets people's dream, especially wage-earners and the other low-income groups, who cannot build their own houses.

He added that companies from Malaysia and China are showing their interests to invest in the housing project.

The Prime Minister said in addressing the youth that they would have more opportunities to start building firms to benefit from the housing boom.


 "I urge the youth not to look at government for jobs but to start up their own companies and become entrepreneurs," he said.


Under the Naya Pakistan Housing project, 135,000 housing units will be built across the country in the first phase. 25,000 apartments will be built in Islamabad for federal government employees and 110,000 apartments will be constructed in Balochistan, mainly for the fishermen of Gwadar.


 “I am responsible for every person in this country. We have to help Balochistan and take the country forward," the prime minister added.


PM Imran also highlighted his stance for corrupt people by adding that no nation can make progress unless corrupt elements are brought to justice. "The country is going to develop when the State cares about weak segments of society."


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