Commercial Real Estate Outlook in DHA 2019

The business in the real estate industry in DHA is redefining new models and competition. The extensive technological use and changing tenants are raising investor’s expectations.

We recently examined 50 commercial property investors in order to determine the factors influencing their investment decisions in real property for 2019. Fortunately, investors ' outlooks in DHA have been sunny, with strong economic growth in the next coming years. The main concerns of investors are new business models, new technology and changing tenant expectations.

Real Estate Trends In DHA

Commercial property in DHA remains attractive to investors and leads the way in building warehouses and apartment. In addition, future-oriented investors focus on the market experts ' biggest returns for 2019


DHA Phases: New Business Models


In the commercial arena, different phases are observed at different highs and lows. There are several options and in future, there will be successful returns. Then there are some choices that previously had little or no chance of heading south and were upward trends. Earlier, especially in highly speculative areas, people lost their capital.

An informed decision is highly recommended when buying a commercial parcel as a high capital investment is required. Before making a decision, one should study history. The history of the properties in non-possession plots shouldn't be based solely on speculative prices but on comparable areas. As in non-possession areas, speculation is mostly done.

Always remember that it is the residential area that increases trade prices. The price of the commercial plots is driven by the number of potential customers to every retail. Depending on the residential customer the potential of opening up banks, retail and post office is on the way.

This article discusses only potential purchasing options. There is a different connotation because there are different phases. In recent phases, little growth will be shown, with good rental expectations. While newly developed areas will show a strong increase in price if they are well encompassed by residential potential.


DHA Phase 5


Over the past year, there has been a healthy growth in this phase around 8 per cent as compared with other phases. It is a ripe period in which residential prices and commercial prices have increased. This growth was observed in the commercial price of the plot in CCA 1 next to Penta square. There has been negligible growth in other Phase 5 commercial areas, such as B and D.

DHA Phase 6

Phase 6 has different business implications. From an investment point of view, the plot CCA 2 should be purchased because the prices of CCA 1 and CCA 2 differ considerably. Now that most parts of CCA 2 are also owned, it would be wise, instead of delaying, to get on the ship right now.


Prices rose steeply on the main boulevard plots on the main road. It is advisable to buy a minimum additional growth potential of 17 per cent at the back of the main road. Plus, you can also enjoy rental returns from the property when building on it. While the rental is quite low, it certainly would give you a monthly return as your property price increases. From now on 20 Million PKR will be required to build a plaza.


DHA Phase 7


Phase 7: As CCA 5 approaches ownership, it is bound to give a good return. CCA 4 has its charm but here the price is higher than CCA 5. It will be the main difference that CCA 5 may ultimately override CCA 4. However, the perspective of CCA 4 is different, since it boasts one of DHA's lowest plot prices. It is expected that with the increase in population, the prices would grow.


DHA Phase 8

Phase 8: In the past, Broadway was one of the most anticipated areas of growth. However, it met its expectations until the tax burden, which affected the entire property market, increased. It came down and the time to purchase is right. The reason for increasing the planning of publicity and giving DHA a huge business market, particularly following Y and Z block, after a long time.

This means that a purchase would be productive right now but it could take up to 5 odd years. Nevertheless, the return would be heavy. It would be taken up by CCA 1 and CCA 2 but is very dependent on the people around. Broadway is already collecting and will still do so in the future.


DHA Phase 9 & DHA Town, Phase 9

Phase 9 and phase 9 town commercials are two separate categories. Phase 9 saw price falls and people are leaving because it is a long-term strategy. On the other hand, Phase 9 town experiences an increase in CCA prices due to ownership. Whereas advertising of E block is slow. Phase 9 CCA city is a great way to go, but we have to wait until the population is sufficient to return the rent. It is expected that rental rates are going to be as high as 0.5-0.6 per cent a month.

DHA commercial files.  They're on the low. This is a good time to particularly purchase the DHA Rahbar Phase XI file as the ballot is scheduled for 2019. Phase 7 for an investment point of view could be good because it would be likely to be traded as soon as price increases. Phase 8 Park view file will be fruitful, but after voting takes place, it is uncertain. Once it happens, we can expect a return on our investment of up to 40 per cent.





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