Defence Housing City Karachi

The world is full of beautiful places with gorgeous landscapes and stunning architecture. But the most important thing that people want to have a peaceful life combine with livability.

To live successfully in an area, you need more than just a pretty space. That's why DHA Karachi has got its popularity with the investors as well for the residential purpose.


DHA City Karachi (DCK)


Presents a unique commercial and residential project that is rapidly being developed in line with modern engineering and architectural practice.


DCK is superbly planned to make it a resident friendly city with regard to healthcare, education, family entertainment and friendly facilities. In order to make DCK a green healthy town, a horticultural element has been imaginatively incorporated.


DHA City Karachi spread over an area of 20,000 hectares as a planned, sustainable, green and developed city of Pakistan.


The DCK venture can provide its residents with an atmosphere of contemporary, security and comfort. The continuous rapid development, with institutionalized strength, world-class planning and sustainable conditions of DCK are some of the remarkable features that give the DCK a global standard.


Current status in DHA Karachi


 DHA City, which was launched in 2010, experienced huge rates and market demand growth, while development work is underway in various sectors.

 Possession of plots has been granted in Sector 3 DHA City while working in nearly all other sectors is underway.

When DHA moves machinery in order to develop a business, DHA is marked "red" and is shown to be a development priority. The yellow marked show to be developed yet. Sectors 5 and 7 are the next sectors in line for ownership. These are also the areas where DHA shares maps.


Everything You Wanted to Know About Latest Developments In DCK


It is the only project designed in the country to use the most sustainable lines to ensure that the environment is not affected by such extensive development. With this noble approach being recognized, many well-known medical and educational institutions have shown interest in joining the DHA City.


These include Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Shifa University Institute of Business Administration and Dow University. A hospital building at the Dow University has actually begun operations in Sector 3 of the DHA City.


DHA has also recently handed over the commercial parts to successful bidders in addition to the Dow University Hospital. We should therefore now expect that the vast area of DHA City will be thoroughly developed as high-rise buildings.

Sector 3 already has a kindergarten, the DCK Junior School and a large number of recreational buildings.


A Recent Development In DHA City Karachi


 The recent project DHA Oasis (Farm Houses and Villas) which will redefine the life of the urban suburbs in a resort as a peaceful environment, is another outstanding feature of the DCK. The project Landmark is in the active phase of completion.


All these wonderful and exciting interventions bear witness to the credibility of DHA as a strong housing and development organization across the country.


 Current Market trends in DCK


In addition to the number of existing investors who continue to invest and reinvest in the blocks and sectors next in line to see development work or handing over of possession, more genuine buyers have been drawn to this place as society becomes livable. While it is also true that the volume of investment continues to rise and decrease, which always reflects global purchasing trends, DHA City's track records are immediately influenced as a result of increased demand as soon as this is highly investing.


Current Investment potential


On the starting of DHA in 2010, the owners who booked plots then still have to pay six quarterly payment instalments on an extremely easy payment plan and very attractive price tags. The premium on these plots is quite high at present, many times higher than the starting rate. Therefore, this city is ideal for individuals looking for high investment returns, together with the reliability and value added to every project by the name DHA.


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