PM laid the foundation stone of Al-Qadir University in Sohawa

  • Al-Qadir University will revive Islamic research culture, says PM
  • Premier lays foundation stone, says varsity will provide scholarship to 35pc students in the field of spirituality alongside science and technology
  • Bukhari says it’s a need of university in that region between Gujrat and Rawalpindi and it will help realise PM’s dream of providing equal educational opportunities


ISLAMABAD: On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan laid the foundations of Al-Qadir University in Sohawa near Jhelum and expressed the hope that the university would provide modern education to young people according to Pakistan's ideology.

On a groundbreaking ceremony, he addressed with the reference of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) who had laid emphasis to get an education in order to get perfection in life. He added that no society can progress without education.

The Premier said the people of the former Federal Tribal Areas (FATA) must be helped this time, saying Balochistan is lagging behind in respect of progress. “If an ideology becomes dead then the nation also meets a similar fate,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that by following the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) the Muslim world produced famous scientists and researchers in history. “When I stepped into politics 23 years ago, my aim was to translate into reality the vision of our founding fathers,” he said.

By stressing his aim to transform this state of Pakistan on basis of Madina state, he said “We will uphold law and justice and take responsibility for the welfare of the poor, elderly and women,” adding that justice and welfare are important elements for stability and security of a country.

He explained that it will not only teach science and technological education but train students in the area of spirituality, he said that while highlighting the vision of Al-Qadir University.


“I had been thinking about creating this university for the past 23 years,” the premier said. “It has been named after Abdul Qadir Jilani, who had linked science and spirituality. We consider spirituality a super science; it needs research, which will be conducted here.

“Al-Qadir University will focus on science and technology and contemporary studies of religion with an emphasis on Sufism in order to revive Islamic research to educate our youth in meeting future challenges,” he said.

“We will research and learn how the Muslims rose from Madinah. We will also develop the latest technologies here, for which we will ask China for help,” he added.

He also said that the university would provide scholarships to 35 per cent students and they will be given free accommodation besides free education.

“35 per cent students will be given scholarships at Al-Qadir University. We will run it on Namal University’s model. This varsity is not being established through government funds but through private fundraising,” he said, adding that it will function like other universities of the private sector and will contribute in the national cause of broadening the educational base.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari with other government officials visited Sohawa to review arrangements for the foundation laying ceremony of the university.

While focusing on the need of university in the region he added that

“No university existed between Gujrat and Rawalpindi and therefore, Sohawa has been selected to establish Al-Qadir University to cater to the educational needs of youth in the area” Bukhari added.


Source: Pakistan today


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