Why Karachi Needs Development?

On this May 2, the news was circulated about the infrastructural development in Karachi.


Sindh Local Government Minister Saeed Ghani said in this regard that around 10 to 12 development schemes are usually started in Karachi annually and completed within the year.


“We are working to solve the problems of Karachi’s roads and sewerage system,”


Why Karachi Needs Development?


Due to the ever-growing number of vehicles on the roads in Karachi, the traffic is a real challenge in the past decade. The worst thing is the rush-hour traffic.


Every day in this megacity, numerous people travel across jams and packed streets from one place to another, making use of different transport means. The local government has launched several projects to make the roads easier for Karachites. For example, many highways and main roads have become freeways in Karachi.


Consider a list of some of the most important projects in recent years that have facilitated the infrastructural developments in Karachi.


Completed Projects:


Let’s first talk about the completed projects.


Submarine Chowk Underpass


The most troublesome place for travelers from DHA to Saddar was the Punjab Chorangi, also known as Submarine Chowk. The authorities did take time to find a powerful solution.

Fortunately, the Submarine Chowk Underpass work was completed in 2018, which has proved to be an unbelievably useful infrastructure development in Karachi. This route has been used by many people practically twenty-four hours a day since its opening.

This is because of Sunset Boulevard Road turning to Khayaban-e-Roomi on the Clifton side and then Mai Kolachi Road to M.T.Khan Road connects some of the main port areas in the rest of the city. Only after road hours, heavy traffic, such as trailers and oil tankers can pass through this route because of road safety issues.

Drigh Road Underpass construction is a major development on the Shahrah-e-Faisal route.

Shahrah-e-Faisal has maintained its name as the most important road in Karachi. The citizens have access to the Jinnah International Airport, Malir Cantt and other key areas of the city through this route. This is the main reason why this highway has nearly been turned into a signal-free corridor. The construction of the Drigh Street Underpass was certainly an important development in this area and has ensured smooth traffic flow on Shahrah-e-Faisal since it was completed.


Tipu Sultan Flyover


Tipu Sultan Flyover was a highly anticipated project by people. It was constructed on Shaheed-e Millat Road. It took minutes if not hours to pass the intersection of the Tipu Sultan and Shaheed-e-Millat Road before it was founded.

Before it, people were not happy to pass this route because their fuel, energy and valuable time were wasted.   But since this flyover has become functional, many people praise it every day as it passes, because they can now reach their respective destinations easily without getting stuck in unnecessary jams.


Under Construction Projects


Green Line Underpass


For people who live in Karachi, Numaish Chowrangi is important as it lies in the central part of the town and effectively connects many important places. It was also temporarily shut down because work is underway to build a Green Line underpass and it will be the first subway station in South Asia.


In terms of infrastructure development in Karachi, it is a very important and state of the art project. The authorities want this project and the Green Line BRTS to be completed quickly as closer to Numaish Chowrangi, despite several alternative routes, can also because heavy traffic jams every day.


Three New Flyovers in Karachi  


Governor Sindh Imran Ismail laid the foundation for three new flyovers on Sher Shah Suri Road at three intersections a little earlier. Upon completion, these overflows will help traffic flow to be smoothly through a sign-free corridor of 15 kilometers, dramatically reducing the time needed to get from one end of the road to the other.


The new flyovers in Karachi have been designed to run along with existing flyovers built in the Green Line project on five stars Chowrangi: KDA Chowrangi, and Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi.


Installation of Desalination Plants and Widening of Northern Bypass


In order to expedite the development of all infrastructure projects in Karachi, federal and provincial governments will cooperate in future. In 2017, three desalination plants were also installed and Northern Bypass was enlarged to become a six-lane road. The aim of this project at Karachi is to spend hundreds of millions of rupees.


All these large-scale projects mainly address some of Karachi's major problems on a daily basis. The pace of development of the infrastructure in Karachi is relatively slow, but continuous.


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