PM Repeats Appeal for Asset Declaration in His Address to Nation

A day before the complete plan of budget of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf has again called on non-filers of tax returns to take complete advantage of the asset statement system and to assist raise the economy.


The Premier said the individuals could register their property and their deposits in the context of this scheme before 30 June in a message broadcast live on national television.


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He noted that the ruling government has much data about a fake bank account which the previous government never have had. 


In a live message on national television, the premier stated that by June 30 people will not have the same chance to declare their assets and accounts under this scheme.


“We have signed agreements with different countries on the matter,” he said.


In addition, he said that the majority of funds are used to cover payment owing from previous debts and stressed the significance of paying taxes and asset declarations.


Imran has remembered that over the last decade the debt of the country has gone Rs 30 billion from Rs 6 billion.


“The rising debt had a major fall out on the masses as we collect about Rs4,000 billion in taxes, of which half of the amount goes to the debt servicing”.


He said the remaining amount is not enough to manage the country's finances.


He said the leftover sum is not adequate for the conduct of the country's affairs. The Premier upheld that Pakistan is one of the few most charitable nations but in it ranks below in payment of taxes.  He said the country is capable of producing Rs 10.000 billion in taxes. 


He emphasized that the country cannot be raised if individuals don't pay their taxes and ask people to pay taxes for their children's bright future.


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