What Facilities Bahria Town Islamabad Is Providing?

In today’s digitalized world, everyone knows about the Bahria Town as a real estate development company.  It is tantamount with high-class living standards. The company’s project is developed equally well equipped with regards to the necessary amenities. If you are planning about to buy a house in Bahria Town Islamabad, most probably, you are wondering about whether it’s a wise investment decision or not. Okay we will find out the solution. Stay with us as we will discuss some facilities in Bahria Town Islamabad to help you make an executive decision.


 What actually Bahria Town is, we will discuss a little bit about the society then we will move on to the perquisites of living in Bahria Town Islamabad.


Bahria Town Islamabad


Bahria Town Islamabad is a gated high-class neighborhood in the Rawalpindi District, part of Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area. Founded in the end of the 1990s, the Company has now extended into 9 phases and split in two residential compounds, the Grand Trunk Road on each hand. The Bahria Expressway connects these both compounds.


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Facilities Provided by Bahria Town Islamabad


Bahria City provides a high standard of life for the residential group for Rawalpindi and Islamabad in all its projects. It's no distinct in any way.

  • Some perks of living in Bahria Town Islamabad include:
  • Secured area
  • Properly Planned Infrastructure
  • Continuous power Supply
  • Opportunities for Social Relations
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare Services
  • Good Quality Education
  • Plenty of Shopping areas in doorstep


Now let’s discuss each of the facilities in Bahria Town Islamabad in detail:


Secured Area


Bahria Town provides a secure and safe area for your household to raise your family and have a relaxed life. Wireless cameras monitor all places of entry and exit along with fields of strategic significance in the society. In addition, before being permitted in society, all non-residents must provide evidence of identity. Moreover, well-trained security staff inspect the area from moment to moment, monitor and maintain an eye on the safety of the residents.


 Planned Structure


Bahria Town Islamabad is a well-planned society with housing, commercial and pothole-free highways, landscaped roadsides and roundabouts built with creativity. This gives staying in society an enjoyable and luxurious experience.


Continuous Power Supply


Bahria Town is one of the few societies to produce own energy. The residential community, therefore, has its own power systems, which supply continuous 24/7 power. Do you understand the meaning? No load shedding or power failure!!!


Opportunities To Social Relations


Clubs, gardens, and mosques offer everyone a lot of possibilities to communicate with and get closer to their neighbors, irrespective of age and concerns.


Entertainment Facilities


Bahria Town Islamabad facilities also include a variety of adults, children and family entertainment choices. Bahria Town Islamabad also has a private zoo called the Bahria Enclave Zoo, which offers a devoted park and a playground, where you can watch wildlife closely with your family.


Furthermore, sports fields and ice cream parlors can be discovered within brief ranges, as well as sports grounds, fitness fields, a golf course and hotels offering exquisite cuisines. Fast foods like Subway, Domino's Pizza, and the KFC, and the Chicago Grill Steak House for continental food are some of the popular restaurants in operation here. Chaaye Khaana, Funky Bake, and Rahat Bakers are some of the region's best cafés.

In phase 4, Bahria Town is also home to a cinema called the Arena, where people and their family, friends can experience 2D and 3D films. A games area and café are also available. Simply put, in Bahria Town Islamabad everyone can have fun.


Healthcare Services


Bahria Town is a well-planned community which shows how every resident in each stage of the housing project is provided with the necessary equipment and amenities. There is a hospital or medical center in Bahria Town of Islamabad in every phase to deal with any and all situations. Phase 4, for example, is served through Maryam Memorial Hospital, while in phase 3 is located the Mumtaz Medical Centre. You can also readily reach health and fitness facilities, gyms and spas.


Best Provided Education


Since the housing projects in Bahria are for the residents of the upper class, schools in the area must maintain similar standards and ensure that young people who are keen to learn something new every day have quality education. The ACE International Academy is a high-quality school that offers youthful inhabitants of the Town of Islamabad from pre-school to A-level. Another renowned academic institution in the Phase 6 phase of Bahria Town Islamabad is Roots Millennium School. In addition, Islamabad itself is a center of wonderful schools, colleges and universities and a number of university choices within a half-hour drive from Bahria City can also be achieved.


Plenty of Shopping Area In Door Step


Shopping is a haven for inhabitants of Bahria Town Islamabad, thanks to an array of tiny food shops, shops and fairs. Green valley Premium Hypermarket is the location to store for food while Bahria Town, Civic Center is one of the many malls in the area. Some of the other shops in Bahria Town are Punjab Cash and Carry, Shoe Planet, MiniSo and Ego.


These are some amenities in Islamabad Bahria Town that are an appeal in Pakistan's capital for all those searching for a fresh house. Who would want to relocate anywhere else with such advantages? There are a number of houses available for sale when you are also contemplating relocating to Bahria Town Islamabad. All you need to do is navigate and step into this ideal house or apartment. Good fortune!


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