SC Asks from The Center to Draft Laws To Preserve Water

Islamabad: A news outlet noted that the Supreme Court (SC) has requested from the federal government to draft water conservation legislation. Justice Umar Ata Bandial observed that this is a matter of whole nation is not just an issue of one town.


Bandial, who is part of a three-judge bench, warns that provincial governments will face strict action unless they follow these orders.


At an earlier meeting, the Court was told by Attorney General Anwar Masood that he would make sure that standardized legislation is prepared and implemented across the country in this regard. He said he would consult all the jurisdictions, secretary, provinces and other representatives involved in this process.


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The SC has been notified by law officers from the various provinces that there is already some draft legislation. They added that the legislation is being reviewed. The tribunal has now ordered that the regulations be drawn up and presented to them by Friday when the issue is again taken up.


The federal government drafted a study to select provincial officials before the tribunal during the session. These people would be a part of a committee to monitor and streamline the use of underground water.


Meanwhile, the Supreme Court directed Dr Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui, an environmental scientist, to lead the Water Committee and call a session after the officials had been finalized.


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