Lahore On Track to Become Pakistan’s First Smart City

With the fast development of urban growth, the cities of Pakistan need to use fresh and latest techniques for the industrial authorities to properly handle metropolitan centers and represent the population more efficiently and better.


The use of technology in city management has created a notion of ' smart town, ' which is comparatively recent in urban development and is embraced by various metropolitan centers around the globe to provide the greatest feasible service to their people.


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Smart cities use ICT and IT strategies to handle the greatest possible use of resources and gain automatic feedback through a specific infrastructure centred on ICTs.


Smart cities are turning into a fresh phenomenon worldwide. However, each city has its own problems and issues and differs in model and viewpoint. Thus, the operational challenges of a city cannot be addressed with a global technology alternative.


In order to enhance effectiveness, to increase governance and to provide facilities to people, and to communicate data with the audience, a smart city is any city that includes information and communication technology into its everyday activities.


To achieve all of this, the local government asks consulting firms to create an alternative for the city to build the facilities needed for the development. It offers all the requirements for the businesses in various services such as public protection, cops, food and hygiene, the city, road technology, etc.


Safe Cities Project in Lahore, A Mouth Piece Of Its Architecture


The Punjab administration drew initiative from other countries and launched the Lahore Project for Punjab Safe Cities. When it was started, they assumed it to be something for police, monitoring and traffic control.




These activities, however, continued to expand and Lahore's infrastructure was increasingly integrated. In February 2017, the city first experienced the results of a suicide bombing on Mall Road that killed 16 people. after that he idea of this project was proposed.


Helped in Monitoring Terrorist’s Activity The police monitored and discovered the orchestrators of the attack using secure city cameras, mobile network fencing and other technology.


The technology contributed to police capture the terrorists within three days the attack took place.


A portable business supplied the Punjab government with the technological facilities in particular. This service involved an embedded Safe City One-Stop system including broadband turning, a city emergency command center, Video monitoring, ANPR and facial recognition, while integrating visualized control throughout the method. This service included the embedded Safe City system.


What’s Going on In City, Now Have A Complete Check


Operators can track everything with the Safe City facilities, including fire breakdown, open manholes, public protest, road congestion, accidents, etc. It allows them to adopt immediate action.


Some agencies do not take instant measures at present, according to a representative of the PSCA. But they will need to sync to the prescribed action with PSCA in the future.


Lahore became Pakistan's first ever city with the infrastructure needed for smart town through the implementation of the smart city framework. In this field, however, a lot more efforts needed to be done until the transformation to a smart city is fulfilled.


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