Lahore’s Royal Palm Club Case in Favour Of Railways

Court Declares Lahore’s Royal Palm Club Case in Favour Of Railways


The Supreme Court ruled that railway property for creating the Royal Palm and Country Club in Lahore was null and void.


The Apex Court reserved its judgment in April. The tribunal instructed on Friday that the property be given to the Railways. The judgment was released by Supreme Court Registry Lahore Justice Sheik Azmat Saeed and justice Ijazul Ahsan.


The tribunal instructed all of the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club matters to be handled by the Railway Administration, and in three months to determine new management guidelines or laws.


The club was constructed on Pakistan railways land. The property was rented in 2001. During Saad Rafique, the club was closed for unpaid dues during former railway Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique's government. An appeal against railways was delivered by the High Court in Lahore. NAB also examined lease irregularities.


 The minister of railways, Sheik Rasheed said that since the British rule the golf course has spread over 103 acres. He had said that fraud was committed to lowering the cost of the property. He asserted that to build a club, they had destroyed 32 bungalows and 103 Pakistan Railways quarters.


The UAE and Qatar want to achieve the territory of the club for a five-year lease. He had said that they want to spend millions of dollars. Until they have cleared up their debts, the club administration can not appear before the tribunal.


Ali Zafar, who is the private company's lawyer, said the charges have also been referred to in the NAB reference. He was interrogated by the judge about the number of names involved in this case. He said fourteen persons were named in this case.


He said that a contract was signed on July 26, 2001.

“Where is the revenue coming from?” Justice Ahsan asked him. Ali Zafar informed that the revenue is generated through membership.


It is to be noted that The Supreme Court on Friday handed over the possession of the Royal Palm Club to Pakistan Railways “forthwith along with all the assets and infrastructure.”


The bench proclaimed an arrangement invalid and without legal impact between Maxcorp / MHPL and Pakistan Railways.


“Possession of the land given to the lessee under the Agreement is to be handed over to Pakistan Railways (PR) forthwith along with all the assets and infrastructure thereupon,” the judgement reads.


“A.F. Ferguson shall complete handing over of all records and transfer management of the Club within 7 days thereof. Henceforth PR shall be responsible for running the Club. PR shall nominate its officer(s) or a team of independent professionals if it deems appropriate to take over and run the club.”


The tribunal ordered a thorough forensic audit of the club by the auditor general of Pakistan.


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