Plantation Drive Through Seed Ball Technology In Karachi

Karachi: The Governor Sindh Imran Ismail announced during a meeting conducted on Tuesday with the Trading Corporation of Pakistan that seed ball technology would promote successful planting of Karachi's trees, the press reported.


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Pakistan is also one of those countries that are most severely affected by the climate change flares, the Governor said, and that trees are a viable solution.

The Governor notified the visiting TCP group that seed ball technique would be used for the planting of trees around the Green Line bus project and in educational institutions across the city.

TCP Chairman Dr Riaz Ahmed Memon stated that the production of seed balls required little capital, that with the aid of NGOs, students and teachers the funds could be easily obtained. To maximize this advantage, he proposed that the technology be used urgently (only in the rainy season).

He also noted that such technique can also be used to support the' Billion Tree Tsunami ' project of the Prime Minister.


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