PM Emphasizes Transparency and Meritocracy In LDA

Lahore: The Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan instructed Sheik Muhammad Imran, vice president of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), to adopt steps to ensure merit-based appointments and accountability within the activities of the civic agency, a media source reports. During a session with several LDA officials, he voiced his opinions on the subject.

The PM said that the LDA must be free of corruption and political impact to create a real change for the general public under the current government's law.


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In reply, the LDA representative informed the PM about several civil service initiatives. These include legislative reforms, legislative modifications, the government complaints registration Insaf portal and vertical development of Lahore, which included continuous building development in the last year.

Six growth plans cost PKR 14.107 billion have been accepted by the provincial growth work party (PDWP). At its session for the present fiscal year (FY 2019-20), the agency approved this proposal.

The approved schemes include Punjab Water Resources Management Project Finance (PC-II), at a cost of PKR 9919.02 m and construction of River Training Works on CPEC Hakla Bridge Indus Rover at a cost of PKR 2.7615 m. CPEC was supported by a River Training Works project.


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