Rupee Strengthened Against Dollar At 1.47

KARACHI– Pakistan's rupee appreciated Rs1.47 in latest unexpected figures from US dollars in the week out and finished on Friday at Rs159.11 at the interbank market.

The local currency earned by Rs1.20 over the greenback in the open market with a small fluctuation throughout the week and reached on Friday with Rs159.50.

Currency traders think that the growing inflows of money transfers from Eidul Fitr have backed the market of rupee. According to them, Saudi and other Gulf nations, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), were the largest source of inflows.

The rupee of Pakistan decreased by 39 paisas from the US Dollar during the previous week and finished on 26 July at Rs160.58.

The rupee was noted previously this year to cumulatively depreciate the greenback, leading in turn to higher rates of products and hardships to the general public.

After concluding an arrangement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), on May 12 the SBP allowed the rupee to depreciate considerably on the interbank market.


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On the other side, the World Bank Group has also endorsed the concept of leaving the rupee free of government control in an effort to increase exports and to solve a faltering economy.

In the last decades, although the first tranche of $991.4 million has been received by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the local currency has been massively depreciated.

There appears to be more pressure on the local currency under the tough circumstances, under which the global money lender has officially endorsed the $6 billion bailout package for Pakistan.

The gradual decline in the rupee was a consequence of high dollar demand from a small stock, with the country continuing to create aggressive international payments to repay large foreign debt and imports partially.

Economists believe that the priority for the recovery of the state from the equilibrium of payment deficit must be efficient measures.

In addition to enhanced greenback supply in local markets, the primary reason behind the latest rise in US dollar value is the' balance of payments deficits.'

In addition, they find State exports and investments to be considerably expanding and imports to eliminate pressure on the local currency.

The state must, according to specialists, guarantee the implementation of financial measures following the IMF agreement.

The US dollar rate is projected to fluctuate for some moment, and after adequate execution of financial measures, the Pakistani rupee value is expected to stabilize.


Dunya News revealed on Saturday that the KSE-100 index fell by substantially 1.4% a week as the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) hold 436 points and closes with 31 666 points.

The drop led to investors losing some Rs120 billion collectively. Foreign investors purchased 3.4 million dollars of shares.

The commentators say that the strict strategies introduced after the budget for fiscal year 2019-20 have been adopted reflect the decline of the stock market. 


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