Govt Decides to Take into Confidence of Overseas Pakistanis For Kashmir Cause

ISLAMABAD: The Federal government chose to activate Pakistani people abroad to respond on the global stage to the Indian violence in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, reports ARY News on Wednesday.

Pakistan's Overseas Minister of State Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari published a video message on Twitter on Wednesday to invite the overseas nationals to raise the voice for innocent Kashmiris confronted with Indian state violence.


“Overseas Pakistanis must expose the real face of India which is going to start genocide of Kashmiris. The world cannot afford another Palestine [like situation]. We will raise the Kashmir issue before the whole world and uncover atrocities of India in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.”


The Minister of State promised that the Pakistanis from abroad would address this issue on all fronts, including think tanks, business community and class and politics.


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The National Security Committee (NSC) met earlier this morning in response to India's illegal annexation of Occupied Kashmir, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan and agreed to suspend all bilateral trade with India.

The top civilian and military leaders of Pakistan met for the second time in once in a week in Islamabad to discuss the current situation in the occupied Indian Kashmir.

On 5 August, the Indian BJP govt passed a proposal to extract Article 370 from the Indian Constitution in the upper house of the Parliament (Rajaya Sabha) in the protests against opposition leaders.

Later, it was signed by Ram Nath Kovind, Indian President, who removed the state from its unique status and turned it into a Union Territory with the legislature.


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