Pm Gives Go Ahead to Build ‘Sindh Barrage’ Project

Historically, the Premier of Pakistan has officially endorsed the creation of a water reservoir/water body by building a water reservoir on the river Indus, about 45 kilometres north of its outflow to the sea, including in the areas downstream of Kotri Dam and cosmopolitan Karachi.

The' Sindh Dam ' project is known as a phenomenal initiative to tackle almost all water problems in the Kortri Dam, ranging from intrusion in ocean to erosion in delta, from adverse effects of climate change through wetland, mangrove and marine habitat loss and from the lack of freshwater for both irrigation and domestic use to mass exodus.


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In perspective of the long-term water problems of Sindh, including Karachi, Sindh Barrage Project was designed and suggested by the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA).

The suggested project of the Sindh Dam is planned to be finished by fast-track implementation in December 2024. The next month's WAPDA will begin the feasibility survey and global consultation will be completed by December 2020 and the comprehensive engineering layout will be finalized by December 2021. The project will then be completed in December 2024, starting in January of 2022. The barrage project is to be built 65 km south of Thatta and 130 km east of Sindh.


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