OIC Played Its Role to Ask India To End Curfew in Kashmir Immediately

ISLAMABAD: In occupied Kashmir, India was called by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to immediately lift the 12-day curfew, which paralyzes lives through the Valley.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi revealed the OIC in these words. “It is another diplomatic achievement for Pakistan that the OIC has demanded that India immediately lift curfew from occupied Kashmir.”

Mr. Qureshi has recently attended and debated the problem with OIC representatives and participated in a session in Jeddah with the organization.

“As a result, the OIC also issued a press statement.”

He said that the individuals of occupied Kashmir faced a food and medicine shortage, and could not reach their hospitals because of the curfew.

“The demand for lifting the curfew is not coming from Pakistan, but from the entire Muslim world,” He said in hope that a voice raised by the OIC will also be dealt with by the United Nations Security Council.


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The OIC General Secretariat was concerned about accounts of restrictions of the religious liberties of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir, and also the full imprisonment of religious practices on the occasion of the Eid.

Denying religious rights is a serious violation and an affront to Muslims throughout the world to international human rights law. The OIC, therefore, encouraged the Indian authorities to safeguard the freedom of Muslims in Kashmir without hindrance and to practice their religious freedoms.

The OIC has also urged the international community, including the UN and other relevant bodies, to make efforts on the basis of relevant UN Security Council resolutions to reach an negotiated resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

Premier Khan also approached and informed various world leaders of latest actions by India, including revocation of Article 370 of its Constitution, which altered the position of the occupied Kashmir.

Earlier, Mr Khan encouraged the country to stay united in his tweets on Kashmir, claiming that the government in the occupied valley would fail to accomplish its dreadful plans.

“The fascist, Hindu supremacist Modi government should know that while armies, militant and terrorists can be defeated by superior forces; history tells us that when a nation unites in a freedom struggle and does not fear death, no force can stop it from achieving its goal.” Premier remarked.


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