Pakistan Will Not Start the Military Conflict with India. PM

LAHORE: By anticipating the escalation of war, PM said on Monday that Pakistan and India both are nuclear armed states. Any conflict can endanger the world peace and Pakistan is not foolhardy to start the military conflict.

He also highlighted the issues both countries are now facing like poverty and population control, unemployment and climate change rather than we should talk of war.


“Soon after assuming the office of prime minister, I decided to improve Pak-India bilateral relations and asserted if India takes one step forward, we will reach out with two steps. I spoke to Indian premier Narendra Modi and advised him that the 72-year long-standing issue of Kashmir could be resolved through dialogue,”  he said and regretted that the response was condescending.


He was speaking at the ending session of three days International Sikh Convention held in Lahore, saying that previous one-year events saw India asking for conditions as if it is showing itself a super power, talking to poor country. He added that war could not be a solution of any problem and those who think war a solution, are the fools.

"Imran urges Sikhs to raise their voice against oppression being committed against Muslims in India"

He denounced RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang), the killing and the inhumane treatment of Muslims in India. He stated that no religion around the world has permitted injustices, barbarism, against innocent people. He said that the RSS led India through its totalitarian and racist ideology to a stage of no return.


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He also condemned the 27-day-long curfew in IOK and hostage eight million people in homes without any food and medicines.

While welcoming the Sikhs to their holy places, Mr. Khan assured them that govt will fully facilitate the Sikh community and will give the multiple visas within due course of time.

Punjab Gov. Chaudhry Sarwar said on the occasion that the prime minister has created one Pakistan where everyone will have equal rights including the minorities.

He said that 90 per cent of the Kartarpur corridor work was finished and launched in November's second week adding that the Sikh community would have foolproof security while visiting the holy places.


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