Deal on “Jugular vein” over our dead bodies, says ISPR

RAWALPINDI: On Wednesday, the Pakistan Army rejected the opportunity to reach an agreement with the "jugular vein" Kashmir and vowed to go to any length for Indian occupied valley.


“I want to give this message to Kashmiris that we stand by you and will continue to do so,” At a news conference following the lockdown of the occupied valley by India, Director General Major Asif Ghafoor said that this is the second month after it removed the disputed territory's semi-autonomous status.


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“Kashmir is our jugular vein and we will fight for it until our last bullet, soldier and breath,” he added.

Ghafoor advised India of conflict as a necessity rather than a decision, if the sovereignty of a nation were threatened. “Our economy is not too weak to fight a war. To extend help to our Kashmiri brethren, we will not look at our pockets,” he added.

In response, of the visit to the U.s of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief of Army Staff general Qamar Javid Bajwa, the army spokesperson set aside rumors of Pakistan reaching a deal on Kashmir.


He said: “How can you even consider that we will reach a deal on Kashmir. Any deal on Kashmir will be on our dead bodies. Our stance on Kashmir has remained unchanged for the last 72 years, why would it change now.”


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