The Spirit of Youm-E-Difa 1965

History of 6 September 1965

The Defense Day of Pakistan is celebrated every year on 6 September. This was the day of 1965 when India started and invaded Pakistan without notice or declaration of war across the international boundary. This Indian intervention, claiming to be the world's biggest democracy, was in total violation of international legislation, the UN Charter and civilized behaviour rules among the States. In her desire to subjugate the land, India arrogantly reversed her international obligations.

How it all started

Even after 34 years, the remembrance of the Indian treachery in Pakistan remains sharp and uncompromising, as a new generation appears a decision-maker in Pakistan. At dusk, on 6 September Indian armies crossed the border, forced Pakistan Rangers back and progressed on two axis towards Lahore. The chief of the Indian military, Gen. J. N. Chaudhry, was so sure to defeat the Pakistani forces and would capture the territory of Lahore. With that confidence, he announced that he would have a large whiskey peg in the Lahore Gymkhana Club in the evening.

Indian army was over confident but underestimated Pakistan army

In India, he was regarded as "the conqueror of Hyderabad in Deccan" and this was the reason for his certainty. It was 17 years before Gen Chaudhry, at the helm of the armored division of Deccan, invaded the princely state of Hyderabad. But the New India of Nehru had begun proclaiming that its domestic and international agreements and engagements could, at will, be breached to fit its objective.

The assault on Lahore from India was kept and high losses were repressed. The Pakistan Army, supported by the Pakistan Air Force, were able to stay alive and roll back the Indian offensive. India launched its primary attack on Sialkot two days after on September 8, by means of its armour and other strikes. What followed was defined as the largest tanks war since World War II.


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Pakistan captured some 1600 square miles of Indian land

It was a difficult and painful battle for many days and nights, with victims on both ends. The main Indian assault was eventually stopped and seriously mauled at the end. Due to the very large casualties in equipment and personnel, its armoured unit had to retreat. Pakistan started a counter-attack in the south of Lahore and seized Khem Karan from India and beyond. This thing posed a threat to the Indian soldiers who were at the back and facing Lahore.

In the South, Pakistani soldiers pushed back Indian soldiers and footed on indian territory. While India caught approximately 400 square miles of Pakistan during operations, Pakistan captured some 1600 square miles of India. The conflict came to an end with the Soviet Union's intervention and agreement was a settled in Tashkent.

Whole nation was united under one spirit

During the conflict of 1965, every citizen of the nation had been firmly unified with the Field Marshal Ayub Khan,and govt. The national priorities in those days were clear and unambiguous, and any risk to the country required unity and unstinting support for the government and army. No party or leader took benefit of the conflict to appeal to the state for political or private benefit.

It was a day of remembrance for whole nation

In 1965 war proved Pakistan a strong, confident country with proud on its military. Whole nation was united at the back of armed forces. It was a country unified in the face of India's risk. For achievement in war it is crucial to achieving national harmony and complete help for the military in the field. The Armed Forces of Pakistan supported by the nation repelled India's bare attack across the international border and made her pay the price by capturing more than land than India had taken from Pakistan and forced her to accept ceasefire on negotiating table and also give back the captured land. It was definitely their best time of glory and a day that future generations should remember.

The day of thanks should also be celebrated on September 6. It is important that we all pray for Pakistan's stability and solidarity, that God will give us power, bravery and determination to protect and defend the freedom and honor of our home country at all expenses.

We never have forgotten their sacrifices and honored martyred of 19665 with high military award.

Honored Pakistani Soldiers with Nishan-e-Haider

Our courageous troops have lost their lives in battle, but their bravery and patriotism are appreciated in the world. They received the greatest Nishan-e-Haider army award for their outstanding audacity and how they protected our nation against the greatest threat. The following are their names:

  • Major Raja Aziz Bhatti
  • Captain Sarwar
  • Major Tufail
  • Major Shabbir Sharif
  • Muhammad Hussain Janjua
  • Major Muhammad Akram
  • Lance Naik Muhammad Mehfooz
  • Havaldar Lalak Jan

One could never forget their sacrifices for Pakistan! Long live Pakistan and Pak army!


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