Bring Summer in your house through decorating colorful walls

The summer is not over yet and if, throughout autumn and winter, you want to maintain the outdoor vibes, check these pleasant trends.


Ice Cream walls

Vibrant and not overwhelming colors that can be looked upon–gelato colors are the core. These color scoops will definitely excite you with your next journey to your favorite Ice Cream parlor, ranging from Mint Green to Duck Egg Blue and Strawberry Pink. So why should you choose one single color if you're badly pushed to select it? Imagine you have to choose just one taste inside your favorite ice cream shop... Sounds that problem? But who tells you that you have only one to select? And the same applies to this year's house selection of shades. You can combine the blend and mix the colors to create a powerful yet chilling effect. There is therefore only one issue: Which?  What flavors will you scoop to your house?


Florals and Foliage colored walls

Botanical prints such as floral and foliage never end up of style, but there's no doubt it is even more amazing during the summer. And here are our beloved plants and beautiful leaves. Oversized palms create visual interest for every room, and this trend still works for you, even if you do not have a big green thumb. By working with prints, wall designs and other accessories, you can add this extra’ ‘layer of life.


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Gold color ideas wall design

We've seen metallics take center stage last year and this summer's trend doesn't seem to be stopped. Only this time, we put the elegant Gold at the leading edge. Touches of this dear metal shade immediately give every room a happy warmth and ritzy brilliance, the classiest color to be added to every room.


Tropical vibes from the wall

The refreshing vibe that comes with a tropical theme (or even only a few touches here and there) is always popular at this time of year and is a continuation from last year as well. It’s a never-ending favorite theme of all the time. This trend is always present because who wants the special feeling of calm and chill you usually only have in tropical places?


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