How Cycling Can Help Pakistan’s Battle with Environmental Foes

Having a bike can be one of the best choices in life. Whether it's a health reason, to save the environment, a different hobby or even an additional sport you want, cycling is a lot of fun. As Pakistan is facing the danger of environmental foes, so it’s best for adopting bicycling rather than cars.


Bicycling and walking are the two main transport modules in the world that are non-fuel consuming and non-polluting. Millions of people in the world ride their bicycles for a variety of purposes like shopping, travelling, and enjoyment, it also includes in their commute to work for their job Bicycling and walking are important ways to transportation for many of these people— and in some instances, it is the primary means of transportation. The personal and social benefits of cycling and walking vary from individual health and flourishing to creating a group and inspiring individuals.

There are also various environmental benefits, especially in relation to the dominant key mode of transport of private cars. There is a need to build sound free environment, the speed, accidents that are often happening under the umbrella of motor vehicles particularly characterize in urban areas. Nevertheless, the biggest environmental benefit from cycling and walking by far is that the country's economy will no longer depend on fossil fuels.

The best thing is that you only need one in order to start cycling – but all the other advantages should come as soon as you start!


Health Advantages

Exercise is a vital part of healthy living. But you're doing the kind of workout strength and sprinting also matters. The health benefits of these different exercise styles are a great way to take advantage as they combine the connection between low body power, cardiovascular activity, drills, and long drives just onto the saddle.


1-Cycling Build Muscles

Cycling is a serious leg training course and you will always respond by building new muscle fibers to your muscles. While cycling at low resistance strengthens the muscles gradually, by riding uphill or even long jump bursts you can increase the gains and build muscle faster.


2-Reduces Fat

Low intensity, aerobics and regular practice are one of the best ways of losing fat. Each day, cycling for about an hour is enough to start shedding weight and you can increase the loss by continuing to a ride for a few hours after fasting–just take care not to get too much at the end of a ride.


3. Give Your Legs A Strength

Cycling is much more enjoyable than carrying weight but it can lead to a similar increase in power in your lower body. The easiest way to gain brute strength is to pound in your highest gear–but if you fall down to below 60 pedal strokes every minute, reduce a level so that the knee joints are not damaged.


​4. Lower Down the Stress Level

Most sportsmen look to the "runner's high" as a Zen mental state, but cycling has the same stress-free feel. Cycling helps you to slow your pace, concentrate harder than other parts of your life and focus on the task at hand.


5. Surmount Anxiety

Cycling has shown that stress levels are decreased by up to 40%, and therefore depression can be eliminated. If you keep your mind on the road ahead of you rather than work or life issues which bother you, you may need a mental break by cycling.


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Environmental Benefits

Let's face it, cars are not environmentally friendly. cars are the main contributors to emissions of human-made greenhouse GHGs that contribute to climate change and to air pollution. But as bicycles are not operating on petrol, they can become an alternative to vehicles that is environmentally sustainable.


 1-Cycling Reduces Pollution of Carbon Dioxide

Even a brief ride of about 5 miles a day on car, up to 100 gallons of gasses could quickly add up over a year and lead to pollution of carbon dioxide and global climate change. Fossil fuels are not needed for cycling to work and may help reduce your direct climate change exposure.


2-Reduces Noise Pollution

Bicycles are practically silent compared to a car engine. Reducing noise pollution can dramatically reduce noise levels, especially in crowded cities, and can make it more enjoyable. However, noise pollution should potentially be minimized since long exposure to high noise levels may inflict hearing harm.


3-Save Parking Space

One parking space for a vehicle can hold up to 12 bicycles that can be turned to a lot of land on a community level for use other than parking. However, municipalities also subsidize parking costs – and taxpayers ' money is used to pay for drivers.


4-Lower the Smog Level

Since automobiles not only emit carbon dioxide but also contaminants like nitrogen oxides and particulate soot, they lead to air pollution. Cycling produces no such pollutants which will help to keep urban air safe.


5-Cycle Made Up with Fewer Resources

cars are made up of enough materials and its processing has some adverse environmental effects, but the bicycle impact is minimal in comparison to vehicles. Even more so when motors, leather seats and a huge amount of construction products are taken into account, in contrast to a bicycle, to bring together a vehicle.



Cycling is the best practice if we really want to save our environment. Although we are doing other things as well but this one will not only save our environment but also will be beneficial to our health.


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