Do You Want A Basement in Your New House?

Consider These Advantages and Disadvantages of Cellar

Today in Pakistan, fewer and fewer houses have a basement. So, what if you had a chance to build a new house and buy a house with a basement? Would you even consider adding a cellar to your construction costs? That depends on whether the advantages and disadvantages of cellars work for you.


advantages and disadvantages OF BASEMENTS

We are Taking all sides of the argument into account to help you determine the answer.

THE advantages of cellar

The following advantages may be offered by buying an underlying house or adding a basement to your building plans:


  • Have a seasonal comfort whole year
  • Multipurpose storage
  • Good for emergency rooms
  • Easy access for underground fixes
  • Great for leasing parts.
  • Better land use 
  • Manifold usages


Let’s have a detail look below:

Have a Seasonal Comfort Whole Year?

Since the cellars are subterranean, during construction they are generally well-insulated. During Pakistan's warm summers they give a cooler place to relax. While winter hits, you can rest sure that your cellar will stay warm and Cozy and offer seasonal comfort all year round.


Multiple Storages

A cellar offers homeowners with additional storage without sacrificing on the outside or the indoor space is first and foremost a benefit. It is a whole additional floor that can be used in several respects in your floor plan.


Good Emergency Room

Since Pakistan is surrounded by land on all directions, hurricanes typically don't happen and tornadoes do not occur. But in case of bad weather and political outcry, it does not need to mention the advantage of having an emergency shelter inside your house.


Easy Access for Underground Fixes

Settlements of the sublevels with a basement are much simpler. You can take your technician to the basement and find quick and convenient access to the plumbing and cable systems installed in your house instead of wondering how to fit a leaky pipe or a squeaky floorboard from above.


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Good to Rent It Out for Warehouse

This is suitable to rent it out as a warehouse if you are having a small family and ground floor is enough for use. When you stay in the upper part of the house and the basement has a separate entrance and it is not used, lease it to companies or suppliers to use it as their storage point. it will cost you nothing whether gives you benefit. It gives you the opportunity to make extra money from your house.


Better Use of Land

As above, cellar buildings give your house more room without increasing outdoor space. You get more space for your desires and, due to the inclusion of a cellar, the same plot area is used more effectively.


Manifold Usages

You can turn it into a storage room, a fitness centre, a home cinema, a diner, or even a guest room if you need the upstairs rooms to meet the needs of your growing family.


The Disadvantages

Every picture has two sides. you have seen the advantages of the basement, now come to the disadvantages. With these benefits in view, they just address the advantages and disadvantages of the basements in halfway. Here are some of the drawbacks of building a cellar and searching for a house with a cellar.


  • The inappropriate access route to deploy,
  • High noise echo rates
  • Chances of infestation,
  • Higher manpower cost
  • Higher infrastructure costs
  • Damping or humidity problems
  • Flooding threats in monsoon season


Let’s have a deep look below:

The Inappropriate Access Route to Deploy

Getting down in the basement, the heart of the house itself is like entering a maze. Although it can be very comfortable and enjoyable if it is Decorated Properly, it may be difficult to bring heavy furniture down steep steps or narrow ways to create or decorate your cellar.


High Noise Echo Rates

People may feel it would be the quietest room in the house because it's underground, but that's far from true, unfortunately. Bases below the surface also provide excellent acoustics, which reproduces and intensify any sounds on the ground. While this makes them ideal for group jamming or an environmentally friendly home theatre device, it can be out of the question to have a peaceful rest.


Higher Chances of Infestation

With a high level of humidity and limited exposure to sun cellars are some of the most favourite places for your crape crawls. So, first, opt for fumigation if you decide to buy and build a home with a cellar. This will stop the pests in the middle of the building.


Higher Manpower Costs

The most critical task in constructing a cellar could be to find the right manpower. You have nothing to think about when you purchase a ready home, but constructing a cellar needs engineers, who will do the best work and give you the best performance. Else, practically, the building will be on those shaky foundations.


Higher Construction Costs

Houses with a basement offer additional square footage and are generally more expensive. Unless, on the other side, you choose to incorporate a basement to your new building's plans, you need to dig deeper into the foundations to cut out an extra floor in our house. As a consequence, work and construction material expenses inevitably cost you more.


Damping and Humidity Problem

Many basements are enclosed and a solid basement is dispersed to ensure that fewer complaints are received of wet walls and high humidity. Since the cellar has generally no doors and very limited access to the outside, sunshine cannot penetrate the interior and you can face damp walls, particularly when bad building materials are used.


Flooding Threats in Monsoon Season

Living in a region with plenty of rain and flood every year, means preventing the housing of a basement, as the floods during Pakistan's Monsoon Season is the most vulnerable to floods.


These are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of basements. Keep all things in mind when constructing and buying a house and make the best decisions according to the specifications of your family Better luck!


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