Relics and Remembrances from Around the World

Memories, however insignificant or trivial they may seem, have a quality that cannot be readily converted into monetary terms. Souvenirs help the traveler to recover again and again his precious memories. They help him to recall the wonderful moment when you can return to your romantic Hawaiian honeymoon or to your wildlife safari in Australia with a simple look around your living room!

Even, your souvenirs will be the perfect support for your tales when you go back and share your incredible stories of travel with your friends and family!

If you want a long-time vacation and are looking for ways to get your holiday as fun as possible, continue to read this amazing list of souvenirs from all around the world. The best way is to grab a notebook and a pen and take notes with a google map in your hand.


1. Belgium is Popular in Handmade Lace 

The delicate hand-woven lace is entirely unique in style and layout from Belgium. The floral designs on the lace are very delicate and accurate, which makes the lace so beautiful! These are delicate handwoven laces from the hands of experts in this field from generations.

Lace is not only a speciality in here but a component of the cultural heritage of the region. The beginnings of the laces date back to the 15th century and remain high with beautiful designs that today's artists still use it.

We have to go back 600 years to tell the origin of lace. At this time a large number of Belgian designers worked with creative textiles. First of all, bobble-lace (using bobbins) and needles (using needles) were used for the main types of lace.


2. Poland’s Amber Jewelry

Krakow city is known as an Amber City in Poland.

Amber is Poland's natural native gemstone. it was supplied to ancient Greeks and Romans through the country's coastline through the famous Amber Road that linked the Baltic with the Mediterranean. Now every ornaments and jeweller are carrying this stone as essential in Poland. In Krakow, there are various amber shops, from low-priced souvenirs to expensive designer necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

This souvenir is great to take back because an international piece of jewellery is sure to turn your heads!


3. A Tea Set of China

Tea's origin comes from China. Here you will find various types of tea, served in elegant teapots which are made of paintings and sculptures and clearly express Chinese culture in every other part of the world. They are made from clay and very fragile. Be careful while carrying it in a suitcase.


4. Masks of Italy

If you visit Italy, don't forget to buy the famous Venetian mask in the annual carnival, carried by local people. The masks appear enigmatic and beautiful, they have a unique look.


5. Sri Lanka’s Coconut Cutlery

Cups, spoons and trays are all made entirely from coconut shells in Sri Lanka. The coconut cutlery looks interesting and exotic. If you bring it home and position it at the table for your meal, your friends will definitely ask the place like oh wow! from where you got it! And you simply reply, from Sri Lanka.


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6. Pakistan is Famous in Kashmiri Shawls

The cotton and royal garment of Pakistan is celebrated all over the world, but its Kashmiri are simply to die for. In the winter you can see people covered in elaborate sequins and embroidery shawls during elegantly decorated shawls. Not only are they great for keeping one warm they often create an elegant expression of style which speaks of itself.


7. Thailand’s Silk

The vibrant colors of Thai silk were widely valued. Thailand is a tropical land which offers fashion that actually reflects its lively climate.


8. Gold is Only from Dubai

Dubai itself is a heaven for tourists, so it is very difficult for one to only restrict one souvenir.  Its Dubai. But if you want to purchase good memorabilia from the Cherish people you really need to invest in this city's gold, because not only are the prices lower, but the gold itself is very pure.


9. Pandanus Baskets from Malaysia

You can purchase woven baskets, slippers or hats from tropical Pandanus plant leaves if you are looking for a nice and inexpensive present to pick for your friends and family.


10. Singapore Is famous in Merlion Sculptors.

The Merlion is the Singaporean national symbol that is made up of a lion's head and a fish body. The emblem represents the past of Singapore as a fishing village and is a figurative representation of the name of Singapore into the' Lion City'

In regional gift shops, you can find excellent tiny Merlion mascots sculptors which really will remind you of your tour to Singapore.

Travel allows for such an incredible journey that each moment in your mind you want to remember is what souvenirs allow you to do. They give you something concrete that serves as a reminder for the next several years. Your travelling memory remains fresh even after years.


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