Cheap Good Location Industrial Plot Islamabad Or Pindi

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    Umair 2 years ago


    Any suggestions for buying a plot for industrial facility near Islamabad? It should be:

    - Cheap;

    - Electricity & water (even if underground);

    - Road access;

    - Security; and

    - Near Pindi/Islamabad.


    What about Adiala road, or GT road (near Rawat), or Taxila/Wah, or Hattar?

  • A
    Asmaan 2 years ago

    Did you check RAWAT industrial estate ?

  • I
    Innyas 2 years ago

    Why don`t you visit any real estate agent as it will be really useful for you. If you want to get rid of frauds then is the good place to make a deal. 

  • K
    Kashif 2 years ago

    Go for is one of the best option for industrial unit.also if you want to buy,i can help you.

  • H
    Haris 2 years ago

    For that you can also check I-9/ I-10..... I think the rates are not that high....

  • W
    Waris 2 years ago

    I-9 and I-10 wali option is best but they are exponentially expensive..

  • A
    Aabish 2 years ago

    What are the rates in I-9 and I-10?

  • A
    Adeeba 2 years ago

    I-10/3 industrial plot size 100&250, Demand 120000000

    5-Kanal Industrial Area I-10/3 Demand: 23-Crore

    For approximate idea about rates...

  • A
    Ameenah 2 years ago

    I think last time i saw you discussing farmland options near Chakri Interchange. The rates were very reasonable only 20,000/Kanal?. Do you have any information about its location and how safe it is to invest there.

    I think its good for having a farmhouse there if the area has road access, plentiful of water and no proclaimed offenders around..:))

  • B
    Bahira 2 years ago

    I am not sure if it was Tanoli or both but they were discussing the farmland options near chakri interchange. You could have your industrial unit there and I could have my cattle and fish farm there. Please check if it is true.

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