DHA valley

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  • Noman 2 weeks ago

    DHA valley in coming years.

    Share your valuable information here and guide us.


  • Arshad 2 weeks ago

    I consider that this area is for mid income range people. People are just eager to build their homes. In my consideration this area will be accupied more faster than any other DHA project.

  • Faisal 2 weeks ago

    Well said Arshad, commercial properties values and requirements will also increase. Commercial property investment is beneficial for mid to long term.

  • Osama 2 weeks ago

    For commercial investments buy transferable or old open file instead of open certificate. This will get the price difference benefit. For short term open certificate will be best as it will give quick return.

  • Usman 2 weeks ago

    This is the best time to buy in DHA valley. It will go up and this time it is not coming down.

  • Asad 2 weeks ago

    Rumours claim that development has started at fast pace but we had these rumours before. The rest I don’t know.

  • Mohsin 2 weeks ago

    Anyone can tell the price of plot for 8 marla?

  • Faheem 2 weeks ago

    There has been extensive work within DHA and Bluebell. DHA will give possession within two years approximately. I also see a boom in DHA valley because the reason is that DHA 1,2 and bahria phase 1-8 development and possession is complete.

  • Ali 2 weeks ago

    But there is an issue that is Daducha dam. Without acquiring land from DHA and bahria punjab Government has issued tenders for feasibility study of dam. Punjab government has released 48 million rupees for this purpose which will complete within one year.

  • Iqbal 2 weeks ago

    Mohsin, if the possession is given to one block then the price of 8 marla in other blocks will be around or at least 25 lakhs. The problem is date of possession.

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