I Need To Buy A House In Lahore

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  • H
    Hamza 1 year ago

    Please suggest me the best and comfortable living area in Lahore which must be affordable and secure for the family. Plz, provide some information about.

  • D
    Sarim 1 year ago

    Well, DHA is the safest area to live in Lahore with the family. I don't get the word "affordable". How'd you define affordable?

    Whether it's about house prices, plot prices or the other expenditures?


  • H
    Hamza 1 year ago

    Well, of course, it's about house price and other expenditures as well.

  • J
    Usman 10 months ago

    Well, affordable is different for everyone, even when it comes to buying a house in Lahore. if you could be more specific about the price then we can get a better idea

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